The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1231

Shane was stunned! Noelle was also stunned!
The bodyguards brought over by the Seay family, the waiters and the guests who were spectating the scene did not know how to describe their feelings at the moment, not to mention Hughes whose face was burning hot after getting slapped by Nelson.
Looking at his old father who had been bowing towards Alex and had yet to get up, Hughes said in surprise, “Dad, what the hell are you doing? Who’s Master Rockefeller, did you mistake him for someone else? How can someone so young be any master? They severed both of my son’s legs and even made him into such a state. How is my son going to walk in the future? He’s finished in this life! I want them to pay with blood. I want to cutoff all their four limbs!”
Hughes’s voice became hoarse from the shouting.
Shane was his only son. Moreover, his wife passed away early. For the sake of his son, he did not even remarry. He usually treated him like a treasure, how could he bear to see him like that?
If he could still stay calm, then he would not deserve to be his father.
However, Nelson soon gave him another slap.
This time, he slapped him even harder than before, knocking off three big teeth of Hughes right away.
His face was full of rage as he shouted angrily, “B*stard, is this how you should be talking to Master Rockefeller? Kneel down and apologize!”
“What? ” Hughes simply could not believe his own ears.
‘My son’s leg was severed by the opponents, yet I still have to kneel down and apologize to them? Is there any justice left?’
The crowd surrounding them were dumbfounded as well. Many people thought, ‘The patriarch of the Seay family is quite old already. Is he diagnosed with dementia? Or else, why would he do such an absurd thing?’
Of course, there were also people with a clear mind. They looked at Alex, and looked at Aunt Rockefeller. Then, they looked at the beams inserted into Noelle’s both thighs and the two seemingly burnt broken legs on the ground. Putting it all together, they could slightly understand why Nelson did that.
Clearly, this young man and woman were not someone could be messed with.
Seeing Hughes standing there motionless, Nelson got very anxious.
He kicked his son in the knees on the spot, forcing him to kneel down. It was because the old man was afraid!
Others did not know how powerful Alex and Aunt Rockefeller were, but he knew.
The news of the eight royal families were still much more informed than average persons.
Not to mention that a month ago at the Stoermers’ residence in Michigan, Alex had killed the patriarch of the Stoermers with his bare hands. Afterwards, he even helped the Stoermers to eliminate the grand elder of the Colemans of Missouri. Hence, two Grandmasters died in the hands of Alex. One more incident was that Alex eliminated thirty one Mystic ranked martial artists of the Johansson family in California with a sword slash while Aunt Rockefeller shot down half of the villa with an arrow…
Not many people knew about this matter but the Seay family had ears and eyes in California, so they knew clearly.
However, this was not the most shocking incident.
The most shocking news was that Nelson just received the news that Alex was actually the grandson of the president of Divine Constabulary, Geronimo Melvis. He was the son of Brianna Melvis who ran away from home back then. And, since last night, Shaun Baker from Divine Constabulary, Lochlan Melvis from the Melvis family and two Grandmasters were still missing.
Grandmaster Alexis from the Melvis family was also blasted into charcoal by one move from Alex. Ruby Lamar and Bennett Melvis were given the parasitic disease of Canyonland by him, and now, they were suffering a fate worse than death…
When all of these added up together, it was scary as hell!
He did not want the Seay family to continue the royal legacy and family business that lasted for a thousand years, only to end up in a dismal end like the Colemans of Missouri, existing only in the name!
Hence, his reaction could only be so unusual.
“Do you know him?” Aunt Rockefeller asked Alex.


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