The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1232

“I don’t know him.” Alex shook his head.
He felt weird as well. He had no impression of the patriarch of the Seay family at all.
Nelson immediately said, “Master Rockefeller, have you forgotten? Last time Daya’s engagement banquet at the Stoermers’ residence in Michigan, Master Rockefeller was extremely angry for the beauty that you single handedly fought against the two Grandmasters of the Stoermers and the Colemans. You killed Carlos Stoermer with one move and you scared off Terrance Coleman with one hand. I was at the scene at that time. Speaking of which, your father-in-law, Zayn Stoermer and I are old friends too.”
Aunt Rockefeller scoffed coldly when he said this.
She pursed her lips at Alex. “You’re really powerful. You don’t have much skills, yet you fought two royal families alone?”
Alex coughed twice. “Well, I didn’t have a choice, did I? The Colemans are really inhumane. They only wanted to marry Daya not because of love at all, but they wanted to use her as a furnace for practicing martial arts. They planned to suck her into a dry corpse within a month.”
Aunt Rockefeller grunted again. “Indeed, the Colemans deserved to die then!”
Afterwards, she looked toward Nelson again. “Patriarch Seay, since we are acquainted with each other, then things would be negotiable! Honestly speaking, the few grandsons raised by you are really up to no good. They are all crooked. Just take this grandson of yours as an example, after seeing me not moving, not only did he want me to lick his toes, but he even wanted me to serve him comfortably… If according to my past temperament, I would’ve eliminated your entire family for sure!”
When Nelson heard about it, he exploded in anger on the spot.
He rushed toward Shane and kicked him frenetically. “B*stard! You damn b*stard! How could you do this kind of thing?! Do you think you’re still worthy of being a member of the Seay family? From now onwards, you shall be expelled from the Seay family and you shall never call yourself a Seay again!”
Shane was kicked on his broken legs, causing him to wail in pain.
He truly panicked right now. He lost his legs and the protection of the Seay family. His life in the future would be very miserable.
He cried loudly. “Grandpa, Grandpa. Please withdraw your order. I know my mistakes, I really do know my mistakes. Please don’t expel me from the family. I’ll change, I’ll surely change. Give me another chance, Grandpa…”
“Piss off, I’m not your grandpa!”
Nelson kicked Shane away who was trying to crawl up on him.
After that, he kicked Hughes again. “And you, the father is responsible for his son’s conduct. Everything that your son has caused today is because of you, the father did not teach him well. From now onwards, you too shall be expelled from the Seay family. Now piss off!”
The old man threw a tantrum.
Aunt Rockefeller sneered. How could she not see that the old fart saved their lives like this?
However, she did not say anything. They were just a few ants.
She watched Hughes carry his son on his back and picked up the two broken legs before leaving in dire straits.
Then, Aunt Rockefeller said, “By the way, there’s another one named Nick Seay. He actually went to California and wanted to snatch our company. He even wanted my brat to castrate himself in the public. After that, I did you a favor by killing him. He truly brought dishonor to the royal reputation of your Seay family.”
Nelson’s expression was shaken, but he then said, “What a great kill! This kind of b*stard would only endanger the world if he’s left alive! Thank you for your help!”
Aunt Rockefeller chuckled. “Then, how are you going to thank me?”
The crowd was stunned, with their mouth agape.
This woman just killed Nelson’s grandson and she actually wanted him to thank her for doing a good kill! They had seen overbearing people, but an overbearing woman like this was truly their first time!
Most importantly, Nelson actually agreed to her. “Lady, what would you like?”
Aunt Rockefeller ran her fingers through her hair and sighed as she said, “Sigh, I’m short of money lately. The twenty billion dollars brought over by the Johansson family last time has been used up quickly.”
The onlookers gasped. Once she opened her mouth, she wanted twenty billion dollars. Her appetite was really great.
The problem was, Nelson immediately agreed. “Deal. I’ll get my people to send the twenty billion dollars to you later.”


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