The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1236

It was unexpected for the child’s mother to be so powerful.
“I’ve already said, all of the staff in your kindergarten will be buried with my daughter today!”
The woman was emotionally out of control because her daughter had been killed for no reason. She wanted to kill someone to vent her anger, and also avenge her daughter.
After beating up the two security guards and the principal, her aura rose once again.
At this moment, a voice suddenly rang out. “Wait a minute, your daughter can still be saved!”
It was the voice of a young man, coming from Alex’s mouth.
“She can still be saved? She’s not dead yet?”
The onlookers all looked at Alex. When they saw that it was just a young man who looked to be in his twenties, disbelief showed on their faces. The little girl was not even breathing anymore. Moreover, she did not just stop breathing but she had already stopped breathing while she was on the bus. It may have been almost half an hour since then, how could she still be saved?
Perhaps even a mighty deity couldn’t save her anymore!
The girl’s mother stared at Alex with an unkind look in her eyes, because she didn’t believe him either. She thought that this was Alex’s excuse to prevent her from taking revenge.
She immediately said in a fierce voice, “Are you lying to me to buy time? I advise you not to be so nosy. Whoever dares to stop me from avenging my daughter will be the enemy of mine, Zella Yaeger. I won’t rest until all of them are dead!”
Alex shook his head. “I’m not lying to you! Don’t you want to save your daughter? If you want to, then calm down.”
Alex obviously did not lie to her. And, he could really save her. It was because he noticed there was also a kind of energy in the little girl’s body.
Although it was faint, it existed for real just like her mother’s.
Also, the little girl’s soul was still around and had not vanished. Moreover, it was inside her body.
All of this indicated that the girl wasn’t really dead, but in a state of suspended animation. Under the extreme situation where the school bus had been exposed to the scorching sun and the passage of air was blocked, her body had shown the ability to protect itself.
“Can you really save my daughter?”
“Yes! There’s no reason for me to lie to you!”
As Alex said that, he handed the medicine in his hand to Aunt Rockefeller and immediately walked towards the little girl.
The onlookers surrounding them parted a way for him, one after another. Although many people didn’t believe that Alex could really save the little girl, her mother was so violent that nobody was willing to have that ire of hers directed at themselves.
When Alex’s hand was placed on the little girl’s forehead, the girl’s mother was obviously very nervous. The energy fluctuation pouring out from her body was also extremely unstable, showing turbulence.
However, when she felt the fluctuation of spiritual powers on Alex’s hands, she immediately knew that Alex was not an ordinary person. A new hope blossomed in her heart that her daughter could really be saved.
Very soon, Alex started using the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell.
When the last needle was inserted, Alex bit the tip of his tongue and stained a little blood on his finger. Then, he pressed it against the little girl’s forehead.
A cry rang out.
Amidst the shocking exclamations of all the onlookers, the little girl had really woken up!


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