The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2141

Chapter 2141 He chased the people playing with Cameron away and sat across from her. 

Daisie nervously looked toward Cameron, who gave her a look to calm her down. She was confident. 

The dealer dealt the cards. Cameron took her card and looked at it. 

The blond man smiled and sounded confident. “Let‘s show your cards, 


Cameron placed down her cards, and it totaled up to seven. 

The blond man smirked and opened up his. It was a flush. Cameron looked at her cards and squinted. 

The man chuckled. “I‘m sorry, sugar. Luck is on my side today.” 

The man had the best cards, straights or flushes, for the next three rounds. It was crushing Cameron. 

Daisie thought that something was off. No matter how lucky one was, it wasn‘t possible to get such good hands. 

The blond man got up, walked toward Cameron, placed his hands on the table, and looked down at her. “Sugar, you lost. You need to spend some time with me tonight.” 

He put out his hand to touch Cameron‘s face, but before he could, Cameron grabbed his wrist and widened her eyes. “I heard that you‘re famous for cheating. I finally got to experience that for myself today.” Andrei was shocked. She had heard of him? Cheating wasn‘t allowed in the casino, so he wouldn‘t admit to it even if he did. “Sugar, don‘t frame me, Ah!” 

The sudden pain made Andrei lose his balance. 

Cameron held him down on the table when his subordinate rushed over.“ Mr. Daskalov!” 

Andrei howled, “B*tch! How dare you—” 

Cameron used more force. “You should stay out if you don‘t want his arm to 


The men looked at each other and didn‘t know what to do. 

Cameron pulled Andrei‘s collar from behind, flipped him over, and removed his coat. 

Everyone was shocked because he had cards hidden in his clothes! 

“You really were cheating!” “That‘s why he won every round. He was using tricks!” 

Everyone started chattering, and when the people from the next table saw this scene, they flipped their table and came over. “Andrei, you *sshole! You were tricking us!” 

Andrei clenched his jaw because he was caught and escaped from Cameron‘s grip. His men came forward to protect him while he taunted the other people. “So what if I cheated? What are you going to do about it? I work with Mr. Puzo. None of you can touch me on the island.” 

The people from the next table smirked. “Did Mr. Puzo ask you to cheat at The Palermo? He‘s not the only person in charge on the island. There‘s Mr. Southern Sr. too!” 

Everyone started making a commotion. “Yes, you‘re cheating just because you work for Mr. Puzo?” 

Seeing how everyone was getting agitated, Andrei turned to Cameron. “B* tch! It‘s all your fault!” 

He picked up a chair and rushed toward her while Daisie yelled, “Watch out!” 

Before Cameron could evade, Andrei flew under the table with the chair in hand, making the table shake. 

Daisie smiled. “Waylon?” 

Cameron was surprised and looked toward Waylon, who suddenly showed up. 

Waylon turned to look at her while she crossed her arms and looked away.” There‘s no need for Mr. Goldmann to fight.” 

He didn‘t speak. 

Cameron walked over to Andrei, dragged him out, and then pushed him to the men. “If Mr. Puzo discovers how you spoiled his reputation, he won‘t let you get away with it. Your threats don‘t work here.” 


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