The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2140

Chapter 2140 Daisie chewed the straw. “He doesn‘t lack the money. Besides, Waylon has always had a good temper, so he won‘t care about the money.” Cameron stared at the street where passersby came and went. “I haven‘t been so relaxed for a long time.” 

She looked at Cameron and knew that when Cameron was pretending to be the young master of the Southern Clan, she could not be as relaxed and free as she was now. After all, everyone was staring at her as the heir of the Southern Clan. “It‘s worth taking a day off and just being your true self.” 

“But I haven‘t done what I want to do yet.” Daisie wondered. “What‘s that?” Cameron responded seriously, “Pay the casino a visit.” Cameron brought Daisie to Palermo. The casino was the largest entertainment spot that the East Islands had to offer and belonged to the city council. Thus, people from the Southern Clan and Fabio‘s territory would also be there apart from foreign gamblers. Cameron was about to step into the lobby when Daisie held her back anxiously. “Are you sure that you want to go in?” 

Cameron smiled. “Don‘t be afraid. You have me by your side.” 

She whispered, “I‘m afraid that Waylon will go bankrupt.” 

Cameron wrapped her arm around Daisie‘s shoulders. “We aren‘t going to spend a penny from your brother, trust me.” 

There were three floors inside the Palermo. Except for the lobby on the first floor, the second and third floors were made up of private rooms. The interior of the building looked resplendent, with a strong 19th–century Orean Baroque influence in its interior design. Gambling desks could be seen everywhere in the lobby. The people in the casino were dressed in bright and glamorous clothes, and the scene was extremely boisterous. 

Daisie was following Cameron around when her phone rang all of a sudden. 

She took out her cell phone, saw the caller ID, and trembled. 

‘It‘s Waylon.‘ She took her cell phone, fought through the noisy crowd, and went into the corridor to answer the phone. “Waylon?” 

Waylon was holding onto the steering wheel and was on his way back. “Did you go out?” 

Daisie did not dare to hide it. After all, she knew that he could receive notifications whenever she spent his money, “Yes, Cameron and I are out shopping.” 

Waylon vaguely heard the background noise on the other end of the phone.“ Where are you?” 

“I… I‘m shopping.” He chuckled. “And you‘re still trying to lie to me. Don‘t make me get Colton to pinpoint your location.” 

Daisie changed her response immediately, “We‘re in Palermo.” Waylon narrowed his eyes. “Did Cameron bring you there?” 

Daisie was afraid that he would blame her, so she answered, “I‘m the one who said that I wanted to come and take a look.” 

He felt helpless, turned the steering wheel, and turned the car around. “Stay there and wait for me. Follow her closely, and don‘t wander around.” 

Daisie ended the call, went back to the lobby, and walked around. Soon, she saw Cameron at one of the gambling tables. 

And it seemed she had won quite a handsome sum of money not long after she sat at the table. 

Just as Daisie was about to step forward, she saw several men walking toward Cameron. The blond man who was leading the group of men rested his arm on Cameron‘s shoulder. “Sweet cutie pie, you seem very lucky. Do you want to gamble with me?” 

Cameron lifted her gaze off the table and glared at him. “You should really move your hand away first.” 

The people sitting at the gambling table moved away instantly, and the gamblers sitting at other tables looked toward them one after another. 

Obviously, the blond man was quite a man of status in Palermo, and the others did not dare to provoke him. 

The blond man giggled, looking even more interested in Cameron, pinched her chin, and lifted her face in public. “I really like a beauty from the East Islands like you. Come on, gamble with me. I‘ll let you go if you win, but you‘re mine to own if you lose.” 

Upon hearing this, Daisie‘s expression dimmed instantly. 

‘This casino doesn‘t belong to any faction in the town, and any outsider can come here to have fun, so this place has a mixture of good and bad. Things probably won‘t end well if we get into trouble here. ‘However, this b*stard is taking advantage of Cameron in front of the public. 

Daisie could no longer take it, but just as she was about to step forward, Cameron suddenly got up, squinted, and smirked. “Okay, I‘ll play with you.” The blond man rubbed his chin. “Nice, I like it.” 


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