The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1235

“Ah! Winnie, Winnie, you mustn’t die. You absolutely can’t die!”
“Wake up, wake up!”
With that miserable voice resounding through the whole street, everyone saw a beautiful-looking woman in the yellow school bus rushing down while holding a girl of five or six years old who looked delicate like a porcelain doll. She had been crying since a long time ago.
The little girl’s head and limbs were drooping while her body was limp.
At this moment, a few people rushed out from the inside of the kindergarten. One of them was wearing a white coat, she was probably a doctor. She immediately rushed over to check the little girl’s vitals and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Alex frowned. As the inheritor of the Ultimate Book of Medicine, he was moved by compassion.
When he walked over with Aunt Rockefeller, they happened to hear several passersby talking and pointing.
“Oh, what a pity!”
“The people in this kindergarten are too irresponsible. They left the child in the car on such a hot day. The temperature inside the car is so high!”
“She was heated to death alive! Look at how pretty that little girl is. I heard that she’s the only child in the family. The sky must have shattered for her parents!”
“Right. My grandson is attending this kindergarten as well. No, no, I need to hurry and transfer my grandson to another kindergarten. Who’d dare to send their children to such an irresponsible kindergarten?”
The crowd all talked at once.
When Alex and Aunt Rockefeller heard them, their expressions turned awful as well. Even though the two of them had killed many people, those people deserved it. However, she was just a little girl of five or six years old in kindergarten. It was truly pitiful for her to suffer such a misfortune.
Meanwhile, the female doctor, who was performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the little girl at first, stopped the movement of her hands and shook her head gently at the young, beautiful mother. “I’m sorry, your child is… ”
Immediately afterwards, a loud cry of grief was heard. After that, the woman’s face was full of resentment all of a sudden. She pointed at a few people in charge of the kindergarten and yelled, “You people killed my daughter and I want you to pay with blood. I want all of you here to be buried along with my daughter!”
The little girl’s mother yelled at the top of her voice. Her eyes turned blood red. At this moment, two rows of bloodied tears actually streamed down her face, causing several people in close contact with her to take a few steps backward in shock and look at her in fright.
The onlookers who pitied her earlier also had a change in their expressions.
“What a strong resentment!”
“This woman isn’t simple!”
Alex seemed surprised.
When the woman said the words that she wanted everyone to be buried along with her daughter, he could clearly feel an explosion of extraordinary energy on her body. This energy was different from resentment, but it was a bit similar to the spiritual power.
“Indeed, she’s not simple!” Aunt Rockefeller, who saw something as well, nodded her head lightly.
“Miss Yaeger, we didn’t want this to happen either. Don’t worry, our kindergarten will definitely take all the responsibility and give Miss Yaeger the maximum compensation. We’ll try our best to make you satisfied,” a middle-aged woman, who looked like the kindergarten’s principal, said to the child’s mother.
“Don’t worry? Make me satisfied?”
The woman’s eyes turned crimson red as her body’s aura burst. She strangled the principal. “Will you be satisfied if I murder your entire family and then compensate you with money? This is my daughter, not a vegetable grown in my garden. You can’t save my daughter even if you compensate me with a trillion dollars!”
This statement made many people nod their heads.
The principal’s words were really inappropriate. Children were the apples of their parents’ eyes. They could not be compensated by spending money. Parents who lost their children would have to suffer the greatest pain in the world. It was even possible that a family would fall apart and the adults would be finished as well.
‘If one were to say that he could make you satisfied by compensating some money, what is be if he’s not a b*stard?’
“Miss, please talk nicely. Don’t use violence. Let go of Principal Warner immediately!”
“Let go of him, or else we’ll have to take you down!”
Two kindergarten security guards charged forward with one on the left and one on the right.
“Go away!” The woman snarled.
She threw Principal Warner out of the way. Shortly after, with two bangs, she beat the two security guards and sent them flying. They spat blood while their bodies were in the mid-air.
The crowd was shocked.


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