The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1234

Before Nelson left, he got Alex’s bank card number because Aunt Rockefeller said that she did not have it with her and she did not remember her bank card number as well. She would have Alex transfer the money to her once they got back.
Alex smiled as he said, “The Seay family is very efficient. The transaction is made in such a short time.”
Aunt Rockefeller grunted lightly. “This means that the Seay family is not short of money. He said that the family could only fork out twenty billion dollars, only dimwits would believe him.”
Alex asked, “You’ve finished the twenty billion dollars given to you by the Johansson family previously so fast? It’s only been a few days. What did you buy?”
Aunt Rockefeller replied, “Don’t you know women are good at spending money?”
Alex said, “You call that spending? You’re wasting it!”
Aunt Rockefeller rolled her eyes at him. “Why do you care? You’re not even my husband! I’ve earned the money with my strengths and I can spend it however I want!”
The conversation died off just like that.
“I’m full. I have something to deal with later. You sleep in the hotel room by yourself!” Alex said as he stood up.
“Sit down. I’m not full yet!” Aunt Rockefeller shot a glare at him. “How am I supposed to sleep without you around?”
“That’s weird. How did you sleep before this?”
“I don’t sleep.”
After having breakfast, both Alex and Aunt Rockefeller left the hotel. Earlier, he had promised to help Nickolas cure his pancreatic cancer. He could not break his promise. He went to the pharmacy to get some medicinal herbs and concoct them into a kind of pill later.
Late stage pancreatic cancer was considered as an incurable terminal illness in terms of modern medicine. However, it was not difficult for Alex. It was even much simpler than Frederick’s late stage stomach cancer. Even the materials used for pill concoction were more common. Hence, he dared to make the guarantee and promised that he would send the pill to Nickolas by tonight.
An hour later, the two people reached a relatively large pharmacy in Alaska.
They successfully bought five types of herbs and spent a total of 130 dollars.
Aunt Rockefeller was very shocked.
“You could concoct a pill that cures pancreatic cancer with 130 dollars? Isn’t the cost a little bit too low? If you were to sell them to other pancreatic cancer patients, you could earn at least several tens of millions of dollars. If it were the billionaires or trillionaires, you could even have the final say on the money’s amount. Getting rich is just the matter of minutes!”
“Did you drop money in your eyes?” Alex glanced at her. “What cures Uncle Nickolas’s illness is not on the pill. This is just a medium and a trigger. What truly works is my medical skills. I need to use the Art of Zharvakko to clean up his cancer cells completely. The pill alone is useless, unless… I can truly concoct an elixir.”
“It’s the elixir we are talking about! That’s very difficult, you still need to search for the spiritual herbs.”
They talked as they walked.
Aunt Rockefeller held onto Alex’s arm naturally.
It was their first time in Alaska. They felt novel about the surrounding environment. They did not think about looking for a car or anything as well. In addition, there was no need for any cauldron to concoct the pill. Once they got back to the hotel, they could simply borrow a kitchen to concoct it with a normal iron pot over the gas stove.
“Winnie, Winnie!”
“You can’t, you can’t leave Mommy alone. No, no… sob…”
All of a sudden, a hysterically grief stricken voice came from the diagonally opposite side.
The two of them looked to their side. The voice came from across the road. There was a kindergarten by the name of Caring Kindergarten. A yellow school bus was stopped in front of the kindergarten and the voice came from the inside of the school bus.
At this moment, many people who heard the voice gathered around.
“Looks like something has happened. Let’s go and have a look!” Alex said. Afterwards, he directly grabbed Aunt Rockefeller’s hand and quickly ran across the road.
Aunt Rockefeller took two glances at their hands holding each other. The corner of her lips slightly moved upwards.


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