The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2139

Chapter 2139 Mateo was surprised. “Is Ms. Gail Leroy your spy?” Gail was an assassin who had been hiding among Huntley‘s men. All the Orean underground forces knew her as the Black Widow. The woman was known to be extremely cruel. Rumor had it that she was originally a prisoner on death row, waiting to be executed. Huntley was the person who had hired someone in the system to replace Gail with another female prisoner during the execution and got her released secretly. 

Huntley had always looked very clean and pure on the surface, and he was able to connect with many politicians only because Gail was the one who got her hands dirty on his behalf. 

Waylon lifted his gaze and smirked. “I only got someone to take over Gail‘s identity.” 

Mateo was surprised. “What about the real Ms. Leroy?” 

Waylon squinted as he stared at the tea in the cup. “Let‘s just put it this way. She might not be able to make it here today.” Mateo inhaled sharply. 

“Just who is this foreigner? He managed to get someone to replace Gail and then place her next to Fabio?‘ 

However, because no one else in the world knew of Gail‘s existence except for Huntley, so even if Saydie pretended to be Gail, as long as she could provide Fabio with the evidence that proved her identity as Gail Leroy, Fabio would surely believe that she was the real deal. 

There was a knock on the door, and Nollace pushed the door open and came in. 

Sunny was surprised when he saw a trace of blood on the white lining of his coat, “Did you get into trouble?” Nollace took off his mask. “It‘s just a rat. Don‘t worry. It‘s been taken 

care of.” 

Sunny‘s expression looked calm and unchanged. “It seems that you‘ve made it onto Donald‘s target list.” 

Nollace chuckled, walked to the side, and sat down. “With the account book incident, he‘d definitely find out about me eventually. Perhaps he‘s started to suspect my identity and is sending someone out to keep an eye on me.” 

Mateo received a call at this time and got up. “I have to go back to Mr. Serrano‘s side first. I‘m quite worried about him.” 

Sunny looked at him and reminded him, “Be more careful.” 

He nodded. “Please don‘t worry.” 

He then left the private room. 

Waylon looked at Nollace. “Is the person who‘s following you someone under Donald‘s paycheck?” 

Nollace became absorbed in his thoughts. “He even has a spy placed in Yuzu Villa. The waiter targeted me as soon as I arrived here, but I tricked him into following me into Room 3301.” 

Sunny asked with a sullen expression. “Where is he now?” He replied, “He‘s tied up in Room 3301. I‘ve already called Mahina there.” 

Sunny laughed out loud. “It seems that the spy that was placed in the Southerns Clan‘s territory before this indeed worked for Donald. Fabio has always been the smart one all this time. I bet he doesn‘t even know that Donald is using him.” 

‘If not for Manuel‘s incident, I would really think that the spy we found on our territory came from Fabio. Fabio has always wanted The Serpents to fall out with the Southern Clan and witness his success from the side, but he actually gave Donald the opportunity to take advantage of the situation. ‘If Fabio were to go to war with the Southern Clan, causing both parties 

to suffer from huge losses, then the real winner of the war would always be Donald, who‘s hiding in the shadows and manipulating the whole situation.‘ 

The three of them discussed their future strategies in the private room until 1:00 p.m., and Sunny was the first to leave Yuzu Villa. 

Nollace and Waylon then walked out of the villa separately, and the two met in the parking lot. 

Waylon turned to look at him. “Be extra careful.” 

Jake drove the car over, and Nollace opened the door. “Then please watch over Daisie for me, brother.” 

He then got into the car and left the parking lot. 

Waylon looked away at the rear of the car and took out his cell phone. There had been a lot of text message prompts since earlier, but he had not checked any of them out. 

He took a glance at the screen of his phone, found out that they were all notifications from his bank, and frowned. 

At the same time, Daisie and Cameron had already visited several places downtown, such as commercial shopping malls, street food stalls, arcades, and all the places that they could travel to. 

After going around the town for hours, the two sat outside an open–air café for a rest. 

Cameron propped her hand against the side of her forehead and stirred the coffee foam with a spoon. “We‘ve spent so much of your brother’s money. Are you sure that he won‘t mind this?” 


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