The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1233

Aunt Rockefeller glanced at Nelson twice and said in a cold voice, “The legacy of the Seay family has been passed for more than a thousand years, and it’s also known as one of the eight great royal families. You’re wealthy and imposing as expected. It seems like you have scraped a lot of the people’s money!”
Nelson immediately replied, “Lady, you’re accusing my Seay family. My Seay family has always been doing legitimate businesses and never touched any illegal business. Twenty billion dollars is already the limit that the Seay family could afford. My two grandsons offended you, but I hope that you won’t take out your anger at my Seay family.”
“Alright, that’s it then. You all are dismissed, don’t interrupt our meal!” Aunt Rockefeller waved her hand. Right after she sat down, she saw Noelle’s body was covered in filth.
So, she pointed at her. “Take this woman away. In any case, your hotel is five-star. Is she the quality of your lobby manager?”
Nelson immediately said, “I’ll fire her immediately.”
When Noelle heard it, her face turned pale and her entire body went weak but she dared not speak a single word.
Soon after, the inside of the buffet restaurant was completely cleared, leaving only two trembling waiters inside to serve Alex and Aunt Rockefeller. In their eyes, these two were probably no different than the scourge like existence.
After leaving the five star hotel operated by his family, Nelson let out a long breath of relief.
A certain man in black behind was also considered to be outstanding among the martial artists in the Seay family. Hence, he usually had a good relationship with Nelson. At this moment, he could not help but ask, “Patriarch, I don’t understand it at all. Why are you so afraid of them? What is so great about the son-in-law of the Stoermers of Michigan? From what I saw, their cultivation was mediocre too. They were no different from ordinary persons!”
This was also the thought of the many martial artists in black. It was because Alex and Aunt Rockefeller really did not have any fluctuation of internal force on their bodies.
Nelson coldly chided, “Dumbass!”
“Do you really think that you could judge their martial arts to be mediocre just because you didn’t sense the fluctuation of their inner forces?”
“That’s because their cultivations are much higher than yours. You won’t see them even if you look up at them.”
“Do you know what is the realm after the Grandmaster level? It’s called the Innate Martial Honor! Do you know what the Innate Martial Honor is? It’s a realm when one’s martial cultivation has reached the convergence of the three flowers of humanity, earth and celestial at the crown of the head, and the five Chi of his heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney have returned to his lower energy core, returning to one’s true self.”
“Can you people sense it? You people can’t sense a damn thing!”
Nelson’s statement shocked the men in black.
So, it was Innate Martial Honor!
In the eyes of ordinary martial artists, they were like the deities in the sky. Not to mention seeing one, even hearing about one was incredibly shocking.
“Patriarch, could it be that those two people are Innate Martial Honors?”
Nelson replied, “I don’t know if they are Innate Martial Honors but Master Rockefeller is a cultivator of both magic and martial arts, and a Cultivation Guru too. A few Grandmasters have died in his hands! The Colemans of Missouri have fallen into such a state now because of him.”
He paused for a while and warned them solemnly. “Therefore, all of you have to remember their faces clearly. You mustn’t offend them… Once we get back, I’ll need to have a family meeting specifically to restrict the members of the family.”
Several men in black with solemn expressions nodded their heads.
The scene of Alex and Aunt Rockefeller in the Seay family’s hotel had quietly spread in the circles of Alaska. However, nobody knew their true identities. All they knew was that Nelson addressed the man as Master Rockefeller.
Alex’s phone made a soft noise.
Alex turned on his phone and took a look. It was a transaction of twenty billion dollars from the Seay family.


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