The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2137

Chapter 2137 Fabio‘s expression looked terrifyingly gloomy. “If someone hadn‘t secretly informed Manuel about my plan, would he have run away? Now that both of them have died, The Serpents have no leader at the moment. And let‘s not forget that Joaqin is still alive. The Southern Clan has truly gotten away with this as the biggest winner.” 

‘If Manuel was the only one who died in the accident, at least we could still take advantage of Florence‘s ignorance. 

As long as Florence was still under my control, Mateo would never have the guts to go against her. 

‘However, now that both of them are dead, it‘s only logical for Mateo to persuade everyone in The Serpents to go back to the Southern Clan. And without someone to exert control, it will be even more difficult for me to deal with the Southern Clan.‘ 

Buchanon looked at him. “Is there really something wrong with the men working under us?” 

‘Otherwise, how could the Southern Clan be ahead of everything?‘ 

After a short moment of silence, Fabio stared at the table, frowned, and ordered, “You‘re to look into the background of all the people who work in the Parkin Chamber of Commerce. I‘d rather take down a hundred by mistake than let go of one person.” Buchanon gulped his saliva. “Of course, I‘ll definitely find out who‘s the spy.” 

After Buchanon left, Gail walked into the study. “Sir.” Fabio wiped his bloody palm with a handkerchief. “I have a spy working under me in my territory. Do you know anything about that?” 

Gail had received the news early on, so her expression remained unchanged. She knew that Fabio was very good at tempting his men. “If you doubt me, I‘m willing to accept any investigation that you would like to carry out on me. I‘ll take on any punishment if you find anything wrong through the investigation.” 

He paused and looked upward at Gail. 

He did doubt Gail. After all, Gail was introduced to him by that person, and she had only been working for him for a month. 

But seeing her face the doubts so calmly, Fabio somewhat dispelled his doubts about her.” Huntley introduced you to me, and I believe in him.” 

Huntley was the head of the Orean underground chamber of commerce and knew many politicians. Fabio really could not doubt the person that he had introduced to him. In addition, Huntley had no connection with the Southern Clan, so the person he introduced would not have a reason to help out the Southern Clan. 

He got up, walked over to Gail, and placed his hand on her shoulder. “However, I still want to test your loyalty. You‘re to kill Mateo Parrera and bring his head to me.” 

He then walked past Gail and out of the study. 

Gail pursed her lips tightly, and her gaze looked cold and stern. 

At the same time, Cameron had not gone out for several days ever since that night. Apart from coming down for her meals, she would stay in her room most of the time. Daisie pushed open the door of her room and saw that Cameron was sitting on the bay window looking out the window. She seemed to be in a bad mood. Thus, Daisie looked around the room and walked over.“ Cameron.” 

Cameron recovered from her trance and turned to look at her. “Is everything okay?” 

She sat down and said, “I see that you haven‘t gone out of the manor for a few days. I know it‘s because you‘re not reconciled to the fact that you didn‘t catch Manuel alive, but things have happened. All you can do now is to think of other ways around it, can‘t you?” 

Cameron was astounded for a split second and then burst into laughter. “Are you comforting 


“You can take it as a yes from me.” Daisie lowered her gaze. After saying so, she lifted her head and gave off a wide smile. “Would you like to go shopping with me?” She was stunned. “Shopping?” Daisie pulled her up. “If you‘re in a bad mood, you should go out on a shopping spree. I‘ll pay for everything that you buy today. It‘s no big deal.” She sounded helpless. “I‘m the young heir of the Southerns, and you want me to go shopping and buy stuff?” Daisie interrupted her, “You can always change into your women‘s clothes.” Cameron stared at Daisie in surprise. “Are you serious?” 

‘She wants me to change into my women‘s clothes and go shopping with her?‘ 

Daisie pushed her into her dressing room and said, “Anyway, no one can recognize you in your women‘s clothes, so just take it as a change in your identity. We‘ll go shopping for entertainment instead of staying at home frowning over an incident that has passed.” 

Daisie then opened the wardrobe for her. The outer layer of the wardrobe consisted of basically all men‘s clothes, and the inner layer was filled with women‘s clothes. She was dumb to worry that Cameron would not have any women‘s clothes to spare. She raised her eyebrows as she grinned. “You wear them yourself from time to time too, don‘t 



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