The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1237

“Ahhh!” “She’s alive, she’s alive! She’s really saved!”
“That’s too amazing! This is a miracle doctor! Giving life to a dead person, putting flesh back on bones, he really is the reincarnation of Hippocrates!”
The onlookers exclaimed one after another. The scene was just too shocking.
When the little girl’s mother, Zella Yaeger, saw her daughter was really saved, the murderous aura on her body immediately vanished, tuminginto a tenderness for a child. In that instant, she knelt on the ground and picked up her daughter, with her face full of tears.
“Morn… Mommy, why are you crying?”
“Winnie feels hot!”
The little girl had woken up, but her body was still very weak. She exclaimed softly while still in her mother’s arms.
“Oh, Winnie, my dear daughter. Mommy is not crying, Mommy is just happy, really just so happy.”
“Don’t be afraid, my dear daughter. From now on, Mommy will always protect you, and will never let something like this happen to you again.”
Having said that, she immediately turned around to face Alex. She slammed her head on the ground. “Mister, Miracle Doctor, thankyou for saving my daughter’s life! For your life-saving grace, I, Zella Yaeger, will definitely give up my life in order to repay you in the future!”
Alex hurriedly helped her up. When their skin touched at close range, Alex actually felt a surge of emotions in his heart, he had an impulse to hold this woman in his arms. He was shocked at it, so he hurriedly activated the Force to suppress this unscrupulous thought. With that done, he quickly said, “Your daughter just woke up. Earlier, she’s severely dehydrated. You should quickly give her some water to drink.”
A passersby happened to have an unopened bottle of mineral water, so he handed it over immediately.
Glug! Glug!
The little girl quickly drank and finished the bottle of water. After a loud burp, it was obvious that her condition had improved for the better.
Of course, the most important thing was that Alex’s blood from the tip of his tongue was still on the little girl’s forehead. The drop of blood was filled with his spiritual power, and also infused with the power of the Zharvakko talisman, which was quickly helping her to restore her physical condition.
“Saving a life is more rewarding than building a seven story building. Don’t worry about it, and…”
Just as Alex said this, Aunt Rockefeller suddenly said, “You said you’d repay him with your life, were you serious?”
Alex looked at Aunt Rockefeller with a startled look on his face. Using spiritual consciousness, he asked via voice transmission, “Aunt, what are you doing?”
“I have my own sense of propriety, it won’t harm you,” Aunt Rockefeller replied.
Zella was also taken aback for the moment, and glanced at Aunt Rockefeller. The words that she had said earlier naturally had a polite element. However, since Aunt Rockefeller had forced her hand like this and asked her, she could only nod. “Yes, none of them were empty words!”
Aunt Rockefeller nodded, then smiled. “That’s good. Let’s find another place to talk. Besides that…”
Her eyes flashed as she looked towards the principal of Caring Kindergarten and the several staff members there. She said coldly, “Regarding the accident today, your kindergarten must come up with a compensation and remedy method that satisfies me. Winnie was able to be saved because it was luck and she happened to meet us. But, what about next time? Who can guarantee that the same thing won’t happen again? I want to see the result by eight o’clock tonight. Otherwise, all of you will go to jail!”
After that, she instructed Alex, “Get Zachary Xavier to follow up on this matter.”
Alex was stunned.
For a trivial matter like this, reporting to the police should have been enough. Zachary Xavier was one of the Four Great Guardians in Divine Constabulary, he was not any minion who could be summoned casually. Was it not a bit of fuss to let him come forward for a minor issue like this?
However, Aunt Rockefeller insisted on it.
Alex had no other choices but to give Zachary a call. “Uncle Xavier, I happened to encounter something here. Could you help me to follow up on it for a bit?”
Zachary initially thought that it was some groundbreaking matter, but he didn’t expect it to be such a trivial matter. He agreed immediately, then paused before saying, “Alex, um. Soraya Melvis is still trapped in the center of Moonlight Lake. After all, she’s the granddaughter of Divine Constabulary’s president. Second Madam Lexia and I wanted to…”


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