The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1238

Alex jumped in shocked and blurted out, “You also have something going on with Second Madam?!”
Zachary quickly replied, “Of course not, how is that possible? I’m saying that I’m also acquainted with Second Madam. So, for my sake, could you…”
Alex said, “That’s not a big problem. I don’t really have anything against Soraya Melvis, but I definitely won’t be back tonight. Tomorrow, then! When I go back tomorrow, I’ll let them all out. Let them stay on the lake for a while longer as their punishment!”
“Okay, okay!”
After exchanging a few more words, it turned out that this old man also knew about the incident that happened in the Seay family’s hotel. However, for this kind of matter, he completely took it as the laughing stock of the Seay family. He even said that Alex had demanded too little money, he could try asking for a hundred billion dollars.
In a cafe nearby, Alex, Aunt Rockefeller, Zella Yaeger and her daughter were all sitting together inside.
They found out that Winnie was the little girl’s nickname, and her full name was Winniefred Wood.
She got on the kindergarten school bus at 7 o’clock in the morning and sat in the back corner of the vehicle. She arrived at school before 8 o’clock but she was forgotten inside the school bus because she had fallen asleep…
The season was already autumn, but the weather was quite abnormal. The highest temperature today could reach 95 Fahrenheit. When the car was exposed to the scorching sun, the temperature inside the car soon reached 120 to 140 Fahrenheit. It would be deadly stuffy even if one just stayed in it for ten minutes, not to mention she had stayed inside for a full three hours. Fortunately, her physique seemed to be quite special. If she was an ordinary child, even God wouldn’t not have the ability to save her.
Also, after Alex had used his own blood essence to awaken Winniefred, there seemed to be a bond between her and Alex. It made the little girl especially like to look at Alex. She sat obediently beside him with her hands on her little cheeks. Her big eyes winked as she stared at him.
Alex glanced back at her, before turning to look at Aunt Rockefeller.
He really didn’t understand Aunt Rockefeller’s true intentions.
“Is there anyone else in your family?” Aunt Rockefeller took a sip of her coffee before looking at Zella and asked.
She sat on the couch and had taken off her shoes. She curled her both legs on the couch, pressing against Alex’s thigh. Aunt Rockefeller even blinked at Alex and transmitted voice through spiritual consciousness. “My legs are sore. Help me massage them, Alex.”
“Damn it, are you kidding? This is a public place, pay more attention to your image!” Alex wasn’t willing to do it.
However, Aunt Rockefeller placed her feet directly on Alex’s thigh and kicked him hard.
“I’m really… Do I owe you or something?!”
“You indeed owe me! I worked hard and accompanied you all the way from California to Alaska, did you think I didn’t feel tired?”
“Your feet are stinking!”
“Get lost!”
Aunt Rockefeller was so pissed that she lashed out her feet on Alex’s face.
This action made Zella and Winnifred to be stunned for along time. Then, Winniefred covered her mouth and laughed.
Aunt Rockefeller did not feel embarrassed for the slightest as she said, “This stinking brat, I need to spare the rod and spoil the child.”
Alex wanted to cry, but no tears would come. He had no choice but to start massaging her feet while alternating between light and heavy strength.
Zella finally opened her mouth to speak, “I’ll be honest with you, there is only me and my daughter in my family.”
Winnifred pouted her lips and said, “The other children in the kindergarten all have daddies, only Winnie doesn’t have daddy. Winnie really wants to have a daddy too!”
Aunt Rockefeller was someone who really wouldn’t stop until she found words that could knock them off their feet. She pointed at Alex as she said, “Then, how about having this guy become your daddy?”


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