The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2144

Chapter 2144 The few men suddenly understood, and someone teased. “I thought you said he was dressed up as a woman.” 

“I‘m pretty sure he would look beautiful as a woman. He has a feminine face.” 

“Right, Mr. Goldmann?“. Waylon had a ‘scandal‘ with Cameron, so they asked what he thought. Waylon looked at Cameron‘s face and stopped there, then smiled. “He does.” 

The few men laughed. Waylon looked back at them. “Do you think you‘d be able to accept it if he really was a woman?” 

Cameron froze. What was he thinking? 

They were shocked for a few moments. “I think it would be pretty scary if he were a woman.” 

Another man rebuked him. “How would it be scary? Wouldn‘t it be nicer? I‘d want a gentle lady more. How long would you be able to handle his torture?” 

Probably recalling how Cameron had beaten them up during training, that man suddenly understood. “Right. We would have easier training sessions if Mr. Southern Sr. had a daughter.” 

Cameron took a deep breath. She would have kicked their butts if she didn‘t have to hide her identity. 

Waylon peeped at her expression and couldn‘t help but smile. The men left soon after. 

After they walked away, Waylon chuckled. “I guess they really are afraid of 


Cameron turned to glare at him. “Did you do that intentionally?” 

He raised his brows.“I‘m just testing the waters to see if they will be able to accept your real identity.” 

“I should thank you then?” “You‘re welcome.” 

Cameron was rendered speechless. 

It was getting dark when they walked back from the backyard. Cameron looked at Waylon through the corner of her eyes and was getting more and more curious about why her father thought so well of him. 

Her father would never treat anyone nice for no reason, especially an outsider. Even if he was trying to get his support, the way he looked at Waylon exuded happiness and love. 

She thought hard about it. Was her father trying to get something from him? 

Waylon slowed down. “Did you go to the casino to plot against Fabio?” 

She had exposed Andrei for cheating and made the gamblers at Palermo angry. Andrei was Fabio‘s subordinate, so everyone would think that Fabio knew that he was making a fortune from violating the rules there. 

On top of that, after Parkin was uncovered for selling counterfeit liquor, Fabio suffered a huge loss. Even if he wanted to take action, what Andrei did would embarrass him. 

Cameron turned to face him. “I‘ve wanted to get Andrei for a long time now, but I never got the chance. Since I caught him, I might as well make good use of the chance.” 

Waylon smiled. “Aren‘t you afraid that Donald will find out who you are after framing him?” 

Cameron‘s face dropped. “I‘m not.” 

He smiled. “Donald has spies in the territory. You got lucky this time for making a scene at the casino.” 

Cameron stopped walking and looked shocked. “Isn‘t Fabio the one who has spies here?” 

Waylon was calm. “Fabio keeps his eyes on The Serpents and the Southern Clan, and the Southern Clan has their attention on him. Thus, Donald took advantage of this. He wouldn‘t be able to use Manuel if he was in hiding, and he wouldn‘t be able to know our exact whereabouts either.” 


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