The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2145

Chapter 2145 Cameron raised her brows. Come to think of it, Manuel had hired the killers from Skull Club to get rid of her, and the fact that he was able to hire them showed that Donald was involved in that somehow. 

Donald hid behind Manuel and used him as a pawn. The Southern Clan would have a conflict with The Serpents, and no matter who won in the end, Fabio would benefit from it. However, Donald would be the ultimate winner. 

Once The Serpents were under Manuel, and the latter managed to take down the Southern Clan, Donald would be able to get power through Manuel from Fabio. He then would be able to win over Fabio‘s men through the power that Fabio gave to Manuel. 

All he had to do was hide in the background, do nothing, and let Manuel do all the hard work to get the power. Manuel would seem like he was loyal to Fabio, but his actual master would be Donald. 

That was a brilliant move on Donald‘s part. 

Cameron touched her chin and squinted. “Why are you telling me all this?” 

Waylon looked toward her. “I was worried that you went to the casino because you were unhappy about Manuel‘s death, but I guess I was overthinking. What you did actually helped your father.” 

Cameron smiled. “Without Manuel, what I did will cause Fabio to start doubting Donald and all that will fit into your plans.” Waylon smiled and looked at her. “But it‘s up to Nollace if we can pull that off or not.” 

Two heads poked out from behind a wall. Daisie had her eyes on the two who were not too far away. “What do you think they‘re talking about?” Sunny thought about it. “It doesn‘t matter as long as they‘re making things work.” 

She didn‘t know what to say to that. How could he tell that they were making things work? It just looked like they were having a chat. 

“Sir…” The butler suddenly showed up, and the two jumped, then shushed him. 

Waylon and Cameron seemed to have noticed that and walked over. 

Cameron crossed her arms. “Dad, Daisie, why are you hiding here?” 

Sunny cleared his throat. “We‘re just here to tell you that dinner is ready, but we didn‘t want to interrupt because you were having a conversation.” 

He then looked at the butler. “Dinner is ready, right? Let‘s go inside.” The butler got the message, nodded, and left with Sunny. Daisie was going to leave too, but Waylon grabbed her by her collar and pulled her back. 

She turned and smiled sheepishly. “Yes?” 

Waylon looked calm. “Could you go inside, Cameron? I need to speak to my sister.” 

Cameron left without saying anything. 

After that, only the two of them were left. Daisie looked at her shoes and asked, “Do you have questions for me?” 

Waylon squinted because he caught how guilty she looked. “Shouldn‘t I be the one asking you that?” 

Daisie‘s heart dropped, but she looked up with a bright smile. “What‘s your question?” 

He knew that she was playing dumb, so he frowned. “Do you think I was not going to notice you and Mr. Southern Sr. hiding there?” She was surprised. “You noticed?” 

“Yes.” His eyes seemed to see through her. 

Daisie looked down because she didn‘t know how to explain herself. Would her brother be angry if he found out that she and Sunny were ‘planning‘ something? He raised her hand and poked her head. “Be honest, or I‘ll get Colton to bring you away.” 

“No, no, no…” Daisies grabbed his arm and hesitated. She was supposed to 

keep it a secret but still spilled it. “It‘s… not my idea. It‘s Mr. Southern Sr.‘s.” 


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