The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2143

Chapter 2143 Cameron had nothing to say to that. 

She touched her nose and cleared her throat. “Alright, I‘ll pay more attention so that her husband doesn‘t come after me.” She walked into the yard with Waylon. When she saw a helper walk past, she grabbed Waylon‘s hand and hid behind him. 

Waylon was shocked as he looked down at her hand that was grabbing onto his. 

The helper smiled. “Welcome back, Mr. Goldmann.” 

He nodded courteously. 

The helper noticed the woman behind him. “This is?” 

He smiled. “She‘s—” 

Cameron dug her nails into his arms, which made him take a sharp breath and look back at her. “Ms. Torres.” 

The butler just happened to walk in with Sunny at that moment. When Sunny saw the woman behind Waylon, he thought that another woman had gotten to his future son–in–law. 

He frowned. “Willy, who‘s this lady?” 

The butler recognized Cameron from her outfit, but since the helper was there, he didn‘t speak up. Waylon smiled. “Can‘t you tell?” 

Sunny was stunned, but he walked forward until Cameron showed half her face and immediately recognized her. “Oh, it‘s Ms. Torres.” Cameron smiled and whispered. “I’m Iris Torres.” He glared at her. “You…” 

Iris sounded like your father‘ in Sunny‘s native tongue. 

He looked around and lowered his voice. “You‘re trying to make a fool out of me, kid?” 

Cameron wasn‘t afraid. “I‘m not Cameron now. I‘m Iris.” 

He chuckled. “So, you think I won‘t beat you up?” 

Cameron walked next to Waylon and put her hand on his shoulder. “It‘s fine if you do, but it would be terrible if you accidentally hit Mr. Goldmann here.” 

Only the three of them could hear that conversation. 

Sunny looked at the hand that was on Waylon‘s shoulder and saw that Waylon didn‘t mind it, so he burst out with a joyful laugh. “Willy, Ms. Torres is such an interesting person. Since she‘s here now, you should show her around this place.” 

He then walked into the house with the confused butler. 

Cameron was suspicious. “What‘s wrong with my dad?” 

Waylon looked at her and then at the hand on his shoulder. “Are you feeling comfortable, Ms. Torres?” 

Cameron followed his line of sight to her own hand and patted his shoulder as if she was trying to brush some dirt off. She then smiled and said, “I saw a fly on it, so I was trying to swat it away.” 

Cameron couldn‘t go back to her room. If she went back and walked out in his men‘s wear, everyone would see ‘Ms. Torres‘ going in but never coming back out. They would definitely raise suspicions. Thus, she had to follow Waylon around. 

She walked behind Waylon while holding onto his arm and mumbled, “Why am I taking a tour in my own home?” 

The man in front of her suddenly stopped walking, and she almost bumped into him. 

A few men who were just done training at the martial arts center saw Waylon and greeted him. “Mr. Goldmann.” 

Cameron saw them and immediately turned her back toward them. 

The men saw the woman next to Waylon and were shocked. “Who‘s this lady? She looks kind of familiar.” 

Waylon looked at Cameron, who was trying to hide from them, and his lips curled. “This is Cameron…” 

He paused for a few seconds. When he noticed the men were shocked and Cameron was angry, he calmly continued. “…‘s secret lover, Ms. Torres.”


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