The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1240

At the same time, not long after Zella and Winniefred walked out, they were blocked off by two men.
Both of them seemed to be young men in their twenties. When they looked at Zella, their gazes didn’t hide the desire and impulse of a man towards a woman. They had terrifying eyes. The taller young man smiled wickedly and said, “Zella Yaeger, where are you going? After hiding from us brothers for so long, we ’ve finally found you.”
“Mommy, it’s those two bad guys!”
Zella and Winniefred immediately recognized the two men. After letting out an exclaim, Zella hurriedly picked up her daughter and turned around to run away.
“Haha, great beauty, where do you think you can run to?!”
“Hurry up and chase after her. She managed to get away last time, and we’ve been looking for her for half a year. We absolutely cannot allow her to get away this time!”
The two were extremely fast and outflank them with one on the left and the other on the right.
One of them even kicked an electric car parked at the side of the road. The heavy vehicle flew up with a whoosh and slammed into Zella’s back heavily.
Zella groaned, but she increased her speed a little.
As her foot slammed down, her body flew up into the air, jumping towards the middle of the road directly. She landed on top of a passing Mercedes-Benz that was going in the opposite direction.
“Mommy, go and find Uncle! Uncle is so capable, he can definitely help us!” Winniefred shouted in her mother’s arms.
“We can’t do that. Gold and Silver Ghost are very powerful. If we go looking for Uncle right now, we’ll harm them instead. Mommy will protect you…”
However, when she looked back, Gold and Silver Ghost were already chasing wildly after them on the road. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz owner found that the situation wasn’t right and stopped immediately. Seeing that they were about to be caught, Zella had to jump down from the car and flee towards the other direction.
“Winnie! Mommy is going to put you down in a while. I’m their target. When the time comes, go to the old place that we agreed on and wait for Mommy there!”
“Huh? Mommy, I waited for you for a week last time. That… That was too scary! C- can you not leave Winnie?”
“I can’t! Otherwise, both of us won’t live!”
Zella suddenly remembered Aunt Rockefeller’s words before. She wanted to agree, but she had to refuse her because she wasn’t sure if the two were sincere. Or they were just wolves in sheep’s clothing like the people last time.
“Winnie! Get ready. There’s a lot of people up ahead, so head to a more crowded place in a while. Three, two, one…”
Zella threw her daughter forward hard.
At this moment, a man in gray suddenly appeared in front of them. Both his eyes were red. His eyes were deadly fixed on Winniefred as a strange smile was displayed on his face.
‘Not good, that’s Gold and Silver Ghost’s helper!’
Zella was burning up with anxiousness, raw anger shooting through her. However, Winniefred had been thrown in the direction of that man. Seeing the man in gray stretch out his arms and was about to catch Winniefred, suddenly a figure appeared in a flash of lightning and landed a kick on the man’s chest.
The man was caught off guard.
He was sent flying by the strong force of the kick, with his body slamming into a parked car by the roadside.
The entire car door was smashed from the impact, and the man in gray opened his mouth to cough out a mouthful of blood, while Winnie fell securely in the figure’s arms.
It was Alex Rockefeller.
When Zella saw this scene, tears burst forth from her eyes.
When Winniefred saw it was Alex who had caught her, she shouted excitedly, “Uncle, Uncle! Hurry and save Mommy! Hurry! Mommy is over there, two bad guys want to hurt us!”
Alex patted her on the back. “Don’t worry, your mother will be fine! Look!”
Winniefred’s eyes followed where Alex was pointing. She saw the fierce aunt from before standing by her mother’s side.


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