The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2147

Chapter 2147 

Donald took a sip from the wine and continued in a calm manner. “He told me that the woman looks very much alike to someone from Mr. Puzo’s side.” 

Buchanon was shocked. “You’re talking about Ms. Leroy?” 

Out of the women around Fabio, only Gail was capable of fighting. However, he remembered something and quickly shot down that notion. “It shouldn’t be her. Huntley introduced her. Huntley doesn’t have any connection with the Southern Clan, so there’s no way Ms. Leroy is working for the Southern Clan.” 

Donald lowered his head and gazed into the wine glass. “Other than Huntley, no one has ever seen Ms. Leroy before. What if she isn’t the real Ms. Leroy?” 

Buchanon fell silent. 

Using the light in the private room, Donald looked at him. “Why don’t you send someone to keep an eye on her, Mr. Gibson? Of course, I hope she isn’t the one we’re looking for as well, but if she’s suspicious, Mr. Puzo might owe you a favor then.” 

Their conversation ended around 10:00 p.m. Buchanon came out of the private room with his head held low in worries so he did not notice someone monitoring him from the dark. 

After Donald came out of the private room, the person merged into the darkness of the alley. Donald entered a car in front of the door and went away. 

In a black car not far away, Nollace rolled down his window and watched as the car slowly disappeared into the horizon. 

Jake opened the door and went into the driving seat. He put on the seatbelt and started the engine. “I didn’t expect Donald to know Buchanon from the Parkin Chamber of Commerce.” 

The neon light from the street showered on Nollace’s face and made him look even more mysterious. “Buchanon is the chairman of the Parkin Chamber of Commerce. He’s Fabio’s valuable assistant, so it isn’t strange if he knows Donald.” 

Jake said, “I didn’t dare to go too near them, so I didn’t hear their conversation.” 

“It’s fine.” Nollace placed his finger at the tail of his eyebrows and lifted his eyelids. “It’s enough to know they’re dealing with each other privately.” 

The next day… 

Cameron changed into her normal attire and went downstairs to take her breakfast. She heard that the maids were talking about when “Ms. Torres” left, and the butler had no other choice but to say she left last night. 

She pulled the chair and got herself a bowl of porridge. 

Biting her fork, Daisie glanced at her eldest brother. Even though Waylon already knew Sunny’s intention, it did not affect him, and he seemed as normal as always. 

When Waylon noticed her gaze and turned his head to look at her, she hastily lowered her head. 

Sunny put down his fork and said, “I’m done. You guys serve yourselves.” 

Daisie ate her breakfast and did not say anything. She did not know how to face Sunny right now, and Sunny had no idea that she had already sold him off. 

There were three people left at the table, and the atmosphere froze. 

Cameron lifted her head and looked at them. “Why are you two not talking?” 

That was especially so for Daisie. She usually had a lot of things to share on the table, but she was exceptionally quiet today. Cameron was not used to it. 

Daisie put down her fork and said, “I… I’m done too.” 

She rose to her feet and rushed upstairs. 

There was a confused expression on Cameron’s face, and she turned to look at Waylon. “What did you say to her yesterday?‘ 

‘Could it be that he punished her yesterday?‘ 

Waylon lifted his eyelids and looked at her. “Nothing.” 

She shrugged. “Alright then. I won’t ask anymore.” 

He gazed at her, and it took him a long while before he asked, “Have you never wondered why your father likes me so much?” 

Cameron was momentarily stunned before she picked a sandwich into her plate. “How would I know? Maybe he wants you to be his son.” 

He chuckled. “Well, maybe you’re right.” 

She jerked her head up and said, “It seems to me that you’re pretty good at winning other people’s favor.” 

That explained why her father liked him so much. 


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