The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2146

Chapter 2146 

Daisie mumbled, “Mr. Southern Sr. likes you.” 

Waylon was stunned. “What?” 

Realizing that Waylon might have misunderstood her, she hastily added, “He likes you as his son–in–law.” 

The atmosphere froze. 

Daisie lowered her head. Even though she felt sorry for Sunny, she had no choice but to sell him out since she was even more afraid of her eldest brother. 

Waylon did not say anything for a long while, and she felt uneasy. After all, she had never asked Waylon and Cameron about each other. When she first saw that Sunny had the intention of matching Waylon and Cameron, she figured that she should help. 

She liked Cameron. She was pretty and smart. Not only that, but she was also brave and good at fighting. Besides, she was not inferior to her eldest brother. 

However, it now seemed to Daisie that Sunny’s dream was going to shatter. 

Waylon and Cameron did not seem to like each other at all. 

Daisie lifted her eyelids slowly. She was worried that Waylon might get angry, but apparently, she was wrong. Waylon did not seem as upset as she thought he would be. Instead, he seemed like he was locked in his own thoughts. 

Daisie whipped up a smile and said, “Brother, please don’t get angry at Mr. Southern Sr. After all, you’re too outstanding. It shows that Mr. Southern Sr. has an eye for good things.” 

Waylon lifted his head and looked at her intently. There was something flowing under his gaze, but Daisie could not read it. 

Before she could say anything, he said, “So, that’s the reason you’re working with him?” 

Daisie was stumped. She averted her gaze and continued. “Alright, alright. I promise you I won’t do something like this again, okay?” 

“Let’s head back.” 

Waylon walked past her and walked to the front. 

Daisie followed after him and asked, “Waylon, you really don’t have any feelings for her?” 

He did not reply, so the question remained unanswered. 

The night was getting darker, yet the downtown was brightly lit. A car was coming to a stop in front of the Roselle Club at Southwest District. Buchanon got out of the car, and the man in front of the door brought him into the private room. 

The private room was filled with smoke. Donald was sitting on the couch, and a woman was sitting next to him. 

After Buchanon entered the private room, Donald invited him to take a seat. He ordered the 

woman to pour a glass of wine for him and said, “I’m really honored that you’re willing to come and see me.‘ 

Buchanon harrumphed. “It seems to me that you’re pretty busy at night, Mr. Matthews. Are you not aware of what happened at the casino yet?” 

Donald held the wine glass in his hand and asked, “What happened at the casino?” 

It seemed to Buchanon that Donald did not know what had transpired, so he told him what had happened to Andrei at the casino. After that, he continued. “Mr. Puzo has been suspecting you due to Manuel, and if you can’t give him an explanation for what happened at the casino this time, I’m afraid even I can’t help you either, Mr. Matthews.” 

Donald gazed at the wine in the glass and said, “If I said someone is trying to sow discord between Mr. Puzo and me, would you believe it?” 

“It’s not up to me to believe it or not,” Buchanon said with a stern face. “You told Mr. Puzo that there is a mole around him, and he has been very unhappy about it since the mole hasn’t been discovered yet. Andrei has been exposed now, and that woman said she was working for you. If you can’t solve this problem, I might get affected as well.” 

Donald knew that Buchanon was worried he might get affected. He told the woman to give him a cigarette and said, “You don’t have to worry about a thing. Mr. Puzo doesn’t trust me, but he trusts you. It isn’t hard to solve this problem, so you can count on me.” 

Buchanon was not in the mood to smoke, so he pushed the woman away. “Do you think Mr. Puzo trusts me? He even has begun to suspect that one of my men is the mole. If you can’t solve this problem, I think we don’t have to see each other anymore.” 

“When Manuel failed his mission, he said he saw a woman help Sunny from the sideline.” Buchanon was stunned. 


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