The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1243

The landlord was about forty to fifty years old. He was bald and had a pale face without a beard. His eyes were puffy.
He was also holding a white female underwear in his hands. When Alex and the others entered the room earlier, they saw this shameless man covering his face with the said underwear.
Zella Yaeger felt shock yet anger all of a sudden. She rushed forward to snatch the item away from his hand and scolded, “Why are you so wicked? You broke into my room and even used my underclothes to do such things. Could you be any more shameless?!”
The landlord didn’t show a hint of embarrassment at all. He stood up with a skip in his step, smiling. “Zella Yaeger, you have to be clear. You haven’t even paid rent, how could this room still be your room? This is my room! I’m sleeping in my own room, and Whatever I do here is not illegal! On the contrary, you guys are trespassing a private property. Do you understand?”
Zella clutched the white underwear in her hands tightly. She was so furious to the point that she felt like throwing up blood.
Aunt Rockefeller watched Zella’s reaction with interest at this moment, and shook her head lightly on the inside.
Zella was too stubborn and inflexible!
Judging from the situation where she had previously tore the security guards of Caring Kindergarten with her bare hands and staged the chase scene with Gold and Silver Ghosts, her bloodline was not completely activated yet but her physical fitness had far surpassed that of an ordinary person after a long period of passive reinforcement. Trash like this landlord could easily be killed with a wave of her hand, yet she actually chose to withstand this sort of humiliation?
If it were Aunt Rockefeller, she would have given a big slap to the landlord and killed him already.
Alex was also curious and asked, “Zella Yaeger, why do you live in such a place? With your capabilities, it should be easy to earn money, right? For example, this old geezer here, you can get him to hand over all his wealth in just a matter of minutes.”
Zella shook her head and lowered it. “I don’t have any capabilities, and I can’t earn any money.”
Meanwhile, the landlord glanced at Alex from the corner of his eyes and said, “Brat, who the hell are you? Asking me to hand over all my wealth? What kind of dream talk is that? Do you know how many properties I have?”
Alex asked like a busybody, “How many properties do you have?”
The landlord was arrogant. “I’m telling you to open your eyes a little. In this small community, I have three houses. Each one of them is worth tens of millions of dollars. I still have two houses at the Second Ring Road of Palm Bay Community. At Watermark Park, I also have one house there. Adding all of them up, they’re worth about one hundred million dollars. You want all of my wealth? Haha, it’s not that I’m looking down on you, but with just what you have, you won’t have the chance to do so in this life.”
Alex nodded. “You indeed have a lot of properties.”
Then, he asked Zella to start packing up her things. When the landlord saw the stance that Zella was really going to be moving out, he was unhappy instantly. Zella had caught his eyes for a very long time. He wanted to have a relationship with her a long time ago, and even wanted to take her under his wing. Unfortunately, Zella didn’t care about him. The reason why he hadn’t driven the mother daughter out even though Zella had not paid rent for a few months was because he wanted to wait until the debt piled up enough, so that she would repay it with her body.
Today was the day for him to launch his move.
How could Zella leave at this time?
So, he immediately jumped up to stop her. “Wait a minute, Zella Yaeger, what the heck do you think you’re doing?”
Alex sneered, “Of course she’s moving out. Did you expect her to still want to live here, where you can come in any time again to steal her underwear?”
“No, she can’t move out.” The landlord said hurriedly.
“Why not? She doesn’t have money to pay rent, so she’d obviously move out. Are you saying that you will exempt her from the rent?”
The landlord rolled his eyes as he voiced out his inner thoughts. “It’s not like it’s impossible to stay here rent free, unless she becomes my lover. Not only will I let her stay here rent free, she doesn’t need to stay here in the basement either. I’ll let both her and her daughter live in the house at Palm Bay Community. If she gives birth to a son for me, then I’ll give her that house at Palm Bay Community. How about it? It’s a high price that I’ve given, right?”
Aunt Rockefeller snorted as her gaze was filled with murderous intent.
Zella hit her lip while trembling.
Alex smiled and said, “It’s quite high, it’s even as high as the receding hairline on your bald head! Why don’t you take a piss and look at your bloody face? The top of your head is so bald that one could swim in it, yet you still expect to become a sugar daddy to the great beauty Yaeger? What in the world are you thinking?”
The landlord was furious. “Brat, you don’t know a sh*t! Do you think being handsome could feed your mouth? What’s the point of being handsome if you have no money? Just like you, you can’t even give dowry to marry a wife, yet you still have the galls to make jokes about me?”


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