The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2150 (The End)

Chapter 2150 

The people in The Serpents were filled with fear when they heard about Mateo’s death. Even though they were no longer in Fabio’s territory, they did not know about Joaqin’s whereabouts, and there was no one to lead them now. 

Soon, Fabio sent someone over and took some of them back while the rest of them went into hiding. There were not many people left in The Serpents, and they were on the verge of disbanding. 

Meanwhile, in the hospital… 

Mateo’s men had all gathered in Joaqin’s ward. When Joaqin heard of Mateo’s death, he was filled with grief and hated himself for being powerless. 

Cameron and her men appeared in front of the ward, and the crowd in the ward all turned their heads to look at her. 

She stopped in front of Joaqin’s bed and said, “My father said he’ll give you an explanation regarding Mateo’s death.” 

Joaqin did not say anything, but the people in the ward were agitated. “Explanation? What kind of explanation? Mr. Southern Sr. said that he’d help us, but what happened now? They killed Mateo. Some of us were taken away by Fabio’s people, and you Southerns have done nothing!” 

Cameron glanced at him and said coldly, “If you guys had some brains, you wouldn’t have defected to Fabio with Florence. You should be grateful that my father saved your boss‘ life and protected him. 


you do anything for the Southerns when you were in the territory with Florence or Manuel? If not, then why are you pointing fingers at us right now and saying that we should help you when something happens?” 

Everyone fell silent. 

Cameron continued calmly. “Of course, if Manuel hadn’t been power–hungry and colluded with Donald behind your back to plot against your boss, none of this would have happened to you. 

“And everything Mateo did was for The Serpents and your boss. If he didn’t die, it’d be your boss who would have died. The enemy that we need to face together is Fabio right now. If you lose  your  confidence now and refuse to stand up after the blow, there is no way we can help to save you.” 

That man lowered his head. Even though he did not want to admit it, it was true that they did not have the right to ask the Southern Clan to save them. 

Joaqin took a deep breath and said, “If I disband The Serpents, Fabio won’t see us as a threat anymore.” 

The crowd was stunned. “But boss-” 

He raised his hand to stop them and continued, “I should have thought of it earlier. There is no way Fabio will allow The Serpents to return to the Southern Clan’s side. Even if Manuel didn’t try to kill me, Fabio would send someone after me as well sooner or later. As long as I’m 

still alive, I’m nothing but a dispensable pawn for him.” 

One of them asked, “Boss, do you really want to disband The Serpents?” 

“That’s the only way. Besides, The Serpents aren’t complete anymore.” Joaqin clenched his hand tightly. “I’m just a crippled old man who can’t even get out of bed. The only thing I can do right now is to protect the remaining people.” 

After he finished speaking, he looked at Cameron. “Mr. Southern, I’m not asking you to help them, but I hope that they will have a chance to survive and stay away from the threat of Fabio.” 

Cameron nodded. 

When she came out of the ward, Mahina was waiting for her in front of the elevator. “Sir, I’m sorry. I should’ve sent someone to follow Mateo when he left the hospital that day.” 

She walked into the elevator, followed by Mahina. As Mahina pressed the button for the floor, she asked, “Has the autopsy report been released yet?” 

Mahina replied, “Yes. The time of death was two days ago. There are multiple fractures and external injuries on his body, so he should’ve fought with someone before he was killed. The injury that killed him was the blow to his head. But what’s strange is that his head was chopped off two days after he died.” 

Resting her chin on her hand, Cameron squinted. “What is the point of cutting off the head of a person who has been dead for two days?” 


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