The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2151

Chapter 2151 

Mahina shook her head as she did not know anything either. 

The two walked out of the hospital and came to the front of the car. Cameron had just opened the door and got into the car when she saw another person in the rear seat and was startled. ” Why are you here?” 

Waylon leaned against the car window with his hand propped against the side of his forehead and turned to look at her. “Donald is at the casino investigating the identity of the woman who revealed Andrei’s identity.” 

Cameron closed the car door, raised her eyebrows, and looked at him. “Are you worried about me?” 

He looked away and did not utter a single word. 

Mahina took a peek in the rearview mirror as she drove them away from the scene. 

‘The young master and the eldest son of the Goldmanns really make a great couple.‘ 

She suddenly thought of why such gossip about the two of them would spread around. Anyone who saw the two of them together would most probably think so too. 

Cameron noticed her fixed gaze and patted the back of her seat. “Keep your eyes on the road and the traffic. What are you looking at?” 

Mahina was shocked. “I’m sorry.” 

Cameron crossed her legs, leaned back in the seat, and looked down at her phone. 

Waylon turned his head and stared at her. “I thought you didn’t know how to use a cell phone.” 

Mahina almost could not hold herself back and burst into laughter. 

Cameron choked on her own words and looked at him in surprise. “Do you think I’m those old geezers living on the East Islands?” 

He looked out the window. “It’s just that I’ve not seen you use it.” 

She leaned forward and approached Waylon. “If that’s your point, I’ve never seen you use a phone either.” 

He did not respond to that statement, but a faint flash of hilarity flashed across his eyes. 

The sunlight outside the window shone into the car, and each beam interweaved over the other. Under the sun, his skin looked fair and warm but not nearly as fair as that of Nollace’s as his skin complexion was on the brink of making him seem transparent. His figure made him look stern and stunningly handsome, providing him with a valorous and warm temperament. Everything that radiated from his core was just in the right amount and proportion, which gave him a rather mature charm. 

It was no wonder Florence would take a fancy to him in the first place. 

Cameron’s gaze was fixed on him for quite some time. Perhaps because she was acting too blatantly, even Waylon noticed it and tilted his head to see what she had to say. 

The car made a turn at this moment, and Cameron was caught off guard, lost balance, and 

rammed into him. 

Waylon instantly grabbed her by the shoulders and supported her. Her wig seemed to have entangled onto the buttons of his clothes, so she raised her hand and kept herself bent over. Wait a minute, help me with my hair…” 

Waylon laughed out loud and looked a little helpless. “It’s time for you to change your wig.” 

She gnashed her teeth and lowered her voice. “That’s none of your business. All you need to do now is to move quickly.” 


Mahina took a glimpse in the rearview mirror. She was originally worried that Waylon would mind. After all, he and Cameron were not so close to each other to the point of being able to stay only inches away from each other… 

However, she had overthought. 

Waylon lowered his gaze and patiently undid the wig that had wrapped around the buttons of his clothes. His slightly cool fingers would come into contact with her auricle from time to time, and he caught a glimpse of her flushed ears. It looked like the sunset that glowed from behind the clouds at dusk, gradually spreading out. 

Cameron felt a little embarrassed. At that moment, she felt she had been entangled for too long, and her heart was racing. “Are you done?” 

He responded with a light hum. 

She got up, turned around to arrange her wig, sat back properly, and complained, “Mahina, you’re not allowed to drive like this in the future.” 

“That was so embarrassing.‘ 

Mahina felt slightly wronged. “You’re the one who didn’t wear a seat belt, right?” 

Cameron grabbed the seat belt and buckled it. “Are you talking back?” 

Mahina was rendered speechless. 

Waylon leaned against the car window, propped his fingers against the end of his eyebrows, and glanced out the window as the corners of his lips raised imperceptibly. 

At the same time, at the Rain Hotel… 

Donald stood in front of the window, and Chunky, standing behind him, reported the findings he had collected through the ongoing investigations. He stared blankly at the reflection on the window pane. “Are you saying that two outsiders are living in the Southern residence?” 

Chunky nodded. “I heard that they’re the Goldmann siblings from Bassburgh, and the woman who exposed Andrei’s cheating actions and pushed all the blame in your way was found with them.” 


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