The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1244

Alex grinned widely and took out his phone, opening up a text message.
“This is the sum of money that I had just received. Look at it and tell me, is it enough to take a wife?”
It was the twenty billion dollars that the Seay family had transferred to him. There was a long string of zeros!
After taking a look, the landlord felt as though he had been struck by lightning.
“This… It’s impossible, it must be fake! Hmph, who do you think you can fool with a text message like this?”
Then, he suddenly thought of something. He turned to Zella and said, “Zella Yaeger, it can’t be that you want to follow him because of this fake message? Don’t be stupid, he’s just attracted by your beauty. When you’re deceived later, you might be asked to accompany men in order to make money! It’s twenty billion dollars, you really believe it? You must not believe it, houses are the source of hard currency.”
Alex put away his phone, then smiled at the landlord. “You’ll soon have no houses.”
The landlord chided, “F*ck, you sh*tty brat, are you looking for death? Do you believe that I can keep you from getting out of this neighbourhood with just a call?”
Aunt Rockefeller really felt a headache about it. She gave the landlord a slap on his face, then turned to Alex and said, “Why are you talking so much nonsense with him? I’m getting a headache just listening to the two of you.”
The landlord, who was knocked to the ground from the slap, was seething with rage.
Just as he was about to get up to cause a ruckus, Alex sent a wave of mental power to him. “Landlord, go out now and sell all the houses under your name, then donate all the money you get from it to America’s Hope Project You would wake up only once everything is done!”
With a snap of finger, the idea was firmly implanted in the landlord’s mind.
When he woke up, his entire person was lit with passion. He was not in a state of muddle headedness, but he had a strong thought in his mind that was to sell off all the houses in his name and donate all the wealth to America’s Hope Project. After looking at Alex, Zella, and everyone else, he slapped his head and said, “I suddenly remembered that I have something important to do. I’m leaving first!”
Having said that, he rushed out of the place to sell his houses, burning with anxiety.
Zella looked at Alex in surprise. “He… Will he really do it?”
Alex nodded. “He can’t resist at all, with how weak his mental power is! I’m also doing it for the good of the people. If an unscrupulous person owns too many properties, it will just serve to harm the society. He came to harm you this time, maybe he’s still harming others behind your back. Without his houses, he won’t have the means to keep women or support them. Perhaps he’ll become a more honest person in the future.”
Aunt Rockefeller gently snorted. “You really have a lot of tricks up your sleeve. I even wanted to kill him with a slap.”
Then, she said to Zella, “You’re really stubborn. Why would you tolerate an old geezer like that? You should take action when it’s time to take action. When you encounter this kind of garbage, there’s only two words for him, beat him!”
Zella smiled bitterly and shook her head.
Winniefred pulled her mother’s hand and said, “Mommy didn’t beat up that perverted old geezer because of me.”
“Why?” Aunt Rockefeller asked.
Winniefred said, “Because Mommy said that if she does that, I won’t be able to attend kindergarten… Hmph, kindergarten is not fun at all. In fact, I don’t want to go there at all. It’s all wimpy kids there, they are annoying too.”
This was just a brief interlude.
That night, Alex delivered a pill to Nickolas Dyer. Then, he used twenty minutes to cure him of pancreatic cancer.
“Now, it’s time to leave Alaska!” Aunt Rockefeller said as she also felt a little anxious. “But, before heading for California, let’s make a stop at the Missouri’s Colemans first!”


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