The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2152

Chapter 2152 

Donald turned around, walked behind the desk, sat down in the director’s chair, and tapped his fingers against the table. “What about Neal Beck? Haven’t we sent someone to keep an eye  on him?” 

“About this…” Chunky lowered his head. “That person hasn’t come back yet, and I’ve failed to get into contact with him.” 

All the items on the desk were instantly swept to the ground–the most direct eruption of emotions occurred without warning. 

Chunky did not dare to say a word. He did not even dare to breathe. 

His expression looked gloomy and sulky. “That useless piece of sh*t! It seems he’s been discovered.” 

“Even if he’s been discovered, no one will ever suspect you.” 

“Oh, really?” Donald glared at him. “Manuel has been exposed, and the Southern Clan knows that he and I are connected because of the account book, and it’s just a matter of time for them to start to suspect me.” 

Chunky was at a loss for words. 

Donald rubbed the bridge of his nose and leaned back into the chair. “That woman must have something to do with the Southern Clan.” 

Chunky thought of something. “I’ve looked into things and asked around the casino. That woman is quite a fighter and looks a bit like Cameron. Recently, rumors have it that Cameron didn’t marry Florence because of his s*xual orientation and that he and the eldest son of the Goldmanns have… a somewhat ambiguous relationship.” 

Donald was rubbing the bridge of his nose, but after hearing this, he paused for a split second and then smirked. “Interesting.” 

Mahina parked the car outside the gate of the Southern residence. 

Cameron pushed the door, got out of the car, and saw the butler escorting Damian out of the courtyard. 

Damian stepped out of the gate and raised his head. “Yo, you’ve come home?” 

He then glanced over at Waylon and narrowed his eyes. 

Cameron stopped in front of him and smiled. “Uncle Damian, what brings you here for a visit?” 

He laughed. “I came here to talk about something with your dad.” 

“What did you talk about?” 

She was curious when Damian replied calmly, “I told your dad that I’m going to introduce a potential girlfriend to you in two days.” 

Cameron’s smile stiffened slightly, but she immediately restrained it and seemed shocked. ” 

Uncle Damian, are you messing with me?” 

Damian placed his hand on her shoulder and advised sternly, “I’ve been watching you grow up since you were a kid. Cam, as you take over the Southern Clan, it’s about time for you to start your own family at your age. 

“That lady comes from the port area, she’s about the same age as you, and her family background doesn’t look too shabby and matches that of yours. You guys should meet up tomorrow.” 

“But Uncle Damian, I’m really—” 

“Your dad has already agreed to my suggestion.” Damian interrupted her and continued. “Or is there really something wrong with your s*xual orientation? If that’s the case, I can’t just stand by the side and watch this with my arms crossed.” 

‘Cameron is my best friend’s only son, so no matter whether there’s a problem with his s*xual orientation. We have to at least try things out, correct the mistakes in time, and bring him back onto the right path before it’s too late.‘ 

Without waiting for Cameron to say anything, Damian had already left the scene. Cameron covered her forehead and could not help but feel slightly disturbed. 

‘Uncle Damian doesn’t know my identity, so that was excusable, but what’s wrong with father!?‘ 

Waylon laughed from the depth of his throat. “I guess it’s time for me to extend my congratulations to you, Mr. Southern.” 

She turned her head away, feeling extremely annoyed. “Do you think this is funny?” 

He chuckled. “Isn’t it normal for a man to build a family of his own?” 

Cameron turned around, stepped into the courtyard, and yelled, “Dad!” 

Sunny heard her voice upstairs. He rubbed his forehead and pretended not to hear it until he heard her footsteps in the corridor, and the door was pushed open. “Dad, what do you mean by that?” 

He put the book down. “What else do you think I mean?” 

“You’re asking me to go on a blind date with a woman.” Cameron scoffed out of anger, Aren’t you afraid that she’ll take a fancy to me after meeting me and that I’ll have to marry a woman in the end?” 

Sunny was helpless and spread his arms. “Then what about you tell me what I can do? Should I your Uncle Damian that the b*stard whom he’s cared for over 20 years is actually a lady?” 


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