The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1245

Boom! Boom!
On a high speed train heading towards Missouri, Alex and Aunt Rockefeller were sitting together, while Zella and Winniefred were on the other side of the aisle.
Alex asked Aunt Rockefeller in a low voice, “Aunt, what do you intend for Zella to do, by bringing her along like this?”
Aunt Rockefeller blurted out, “To be your wife, how about that? Didn’t your mother hope for you to marry a few more wives, so that you can give her more grandchildren? It’s great now, you can marry Zella Yaeger and even have a ready made granddaughter.”
Alex smiled bitterly and in exasperation. “Can you stop talking nonsense?”
Aunt Rockefeller shot him a glare with her beautiful eyes, then pulled him hard.
Alex opened his mouth wide, almost making a squeal that sounded like a pig getting slaughtered.
Just as he was about to fight back, Aunt Rockefeller became serious again and said, “Do you remember the Witch Doctor Sect’s ancestor from last time? We both nearly died in his hands last time. It’s not that there aren’t any masters in this world, it’s just that we haven’t met them! We’ve killed the Witch Doctor Sect’s ancestor, but do you think that the people from Witch Doctor Sect will take it lying down? There’s no movement from them right now, but it’s likely that they’re brewing a bigger action. Hence, we have to make preparations in advance.”
“You want to train Zella?”
“She’s a very good seedling. If I’m not wrong, the hidden bloodline in her body is called the Nine Tails! Women with this bloodline will have great combat power once they grow up. If she cooperates with a set of joint assault battle formation, her power will greatly improve.”
“What’s joint assault battle formation?”
“The one that I told you about before, the Beauty’s Heart Sutra! Okay, fine, it’s actually called Fair Maiden’s Heart Sutra. It can be used as a single attack or in a group by cooperating with battle formation. Its power surpasses those of one plus one greater than two! The battle formation has a name, it’s called the Eight Desolated Killing Formation, but that requires eight women to practice and cooperate together in order to do that.”
Aunt Rockefeller sighed when she talked about this. “But, up till now, I’ve only managed to gather four people. Adding on Genbu from the Colemans, there’s still only five. I still need three more people, and it’s exhausting to find those people! And you stinky brat, always make me angry!”
As she said that, her head tilted and leaned against Alex’s chest.
“Hey, you…”
“Don’t bother me, I want to sleep for a while!”
Soon, she closed her eyes and didn’t make any movements.
Alex looked at Aunt Rockefeller in his arms blankly, feeling extremely complicated. He had a delusion that he and Aunt Rockefeller seemed to have known each other for many years and they were in a very close relationship.
It was already one o’clock in the middle of the night by the time they reached Missouri. They randomly found a star rated hotel near the station to spend the night.
Early in the morning the next day, Aunt Rockefeller called Zella and Winniefred over.
“Uncle!” When Winniefred saw Alex, she immediately rushed over and hugged his thigh. The intimate gesture made Alex feel quite surprised as well.
“Winnie. How’s your sleep last night?” Alex asked casually as he touched the back of her head.
“Not good!” The little girl said in a childish voice as she raised her head.
“Uh… You like living in the basement, but you don’t like living in a hotel?” Alex asked, surprised at her answer.
Winniefred shook her head. “It’s not that. This place is very nice and big, and it’s much better than the basement we had lived in before, but… Winnie was worried that once Winnie closed her eyes, she would never see Uncle again once she opened her eyes.”
The child’s answer that was filled with innocence made Alex slightly emotional. However, it also reflected sideways that Zella and her daughter’s life was very difficult before this.
“That’s right, I haven’t asked yet, but where’s Winnie’s father?” Alex turned to Zella and asked.
This question made Zella’s expression instantly turn sorrowful and lonely.
Alex realized that he had asked a silly question.
Winniefred pursed her lips and answered instead, “Winnie never had a daddy since she was a child. Uncle, could I call you daddy? Could you pretend to be my daddy?”


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