The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1246

Alex was speechless.
Meanwhile, Aunt Rockefeller was talking to Zella. “Who were Gold and Silver Ghosts?”
The two men left an unforgettable impression on Zella. Those two men had chased them for a whole three years.
“I’m not very clear on the details, but I have heard them say that they are from the Blood Cult! Those in the Blood Cult have a special technique that enables them to be able to judge the level of someone’s bloodline…”
When Zella said this, Alex was taken aback immediately. The Blood Cult, that was the case currently being pursued by the Divine Constabulary.
Michigan’s Amaryllis Tower, a team from the Divine Constabulary, had been wiped out the last time because of an old demon from the Blood Cult. For this reason, the Divine Constabulary attached great importance to this party. Zachary was also busy with this matter, trying to find any clues and tracks of the Blood Cult.
Alex immediately gave a call to Zachary and told him that the two men who had died downtown in Alaska before were worshippers of the Blood Cult.
“What?!” Zachary was obviously surprised, and then he said, “Oh god, why didn’t you say so earlier? Those two bodies have already been cremated!”
“Wasn’t there one still alive? The one in gray clothes,” Alex said. He was referring to the Gold and Silver Ghost’s helper, who he had kicked. Back then, the helper hadn’t died yet.
However, Zachary said, “That guy is also dead.”
Alex found it to be strange. “Impossible, I only kicked him. At most, he’d have suffered some internal injuries, but not so serious to the point that he would die.”
“You sure you only gave him a kick?” Zachary asked in surprise.
“It really was just one kick,” Alex replied. “Are you suspecting that I used both legs to kick him?”
“He was stabbed in the heart.”
“I thought you were the one who did it.”
“It wasn’t me!”
“Then… It’s possible that there were other accomplices! I will check the surveillance cameras immediately!” Zachary hung up the phone and hurriedly rushed out to get someone to look up the surveillance cameras’ records by the road to see what had happened.
On the other side, Aunt Rockefeller had taught Zella a little trick to hide her special bloodline talent, so even if she ran around all day, she wouldn’t attract those things who coveted her bloodline abilities. As for Winniefred, her bloodline had yet to fully appear because she was still young, and there was no need for her to practice this method. In the end, Aunt Rockefeller used her spiritual powers to seal it away to prevent Winniefred’s bloodline from becoming stronger and attracting bad people.
And so, they explained the current situation.
Alex and Aunt Rockefeller then left the hotel and headed toward the Missouri’s Coleman family, while Zella and Winniefred stayed and waited in the hotel.
Just as they walked into the elevator, Aunt Rockefeller saw the reflection in the mirror, and frowned, and said, “The Missouri’s Coleman family should be familiar with how the two of us look by now. They may even be thinking of ways to take revenge on us. This time, we’re heading in just to grab someone, and it’s necessary to hide our true identities.”
Alex thought about it, then nodded. “That’s true. We’ve already detained three out of their Four Great Princesses. If we barge in there and take the last Princess away, the Coleman family will definitely go nuts, and they might even be driven to desperate actions.”
“That’s right. The Coleman family are still part of the royal families, after all, and they are rich and powerful. I’m not afraid of meeting them head-on, but I’m more afraid if they resort to dirty, underhanded tricks. Let’s change our looks and identities and drag the hostility elsewhere. It would probably be a smoother development that way.”
“Then, should we go and buy a mask to wear? Or put on some makeup?” Alex asked.
“What’s the use of those?” Aunt Rockefeller said. “Use the Transformation technique! Watch this!”
She turned around, then turned back again after a moment and asked, “How do I look?”
Alex glanced at her and was tongue tied for a moment.


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