The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2154

Chapter 2154 “Nice, that‘s a very interesting name.” Buchanon nodded and poured her more liquor. “Since you claimed that you‘re good at drinking, then accompany me to drink. As long as you can keep me entertained and delighted for the night, you‘ll definitely get a huge tip at the end of today.An imperceptible coldness surged from the bottom of Yanis‘ eyes. “It‘s my pleasure to be able to serve you tonight.” 

In the room, Buchanon had drunk several glasses of liquor in succession, and his cheeks were slightly flushed at the moment. He had been very grumpy all night and had been drinking in a hurry, so he was already almost completely drunk. 

Yanis‘ expression remained unchanged. She took a glimpse at him through a sideways glance and saw that he was almost drunk, so she put down her glass. “Sir, do you have something on your mind? I wonder if I‘ll be honored enough to be your listener for the night?” 

Buchanon had suppressed his dissatisfaction for a very long time and had drunk so much over the course of a few hours. At that moment, he had no one else to vent his emotions to and felt aggrieved. “It‘s just some minor troubles. Damn that man! I‘ve dedicated so many years of my life to him by serving under him and only him, but he‘d rather put his trust in an outsider instead of me.” 

He placed the liquor glass down heavily. The more he thought about it, the more unreconciled he felt. 

Yanis‘ eyes moved, and her rose lips twitched. “He‘s your boss, isn‘t he? If your boss doesn‘t trust you, perhaps he‘s worried that you‘re not loyal enough.” 

“Loyal?” Buchanon sneered. “What‘s the use of being loyal? I‘ve been loyal to him for a decade, but I can‘t even match a person who‘s just started working for him for only two months.” 

Yanis wrapped her arm around his shoulders and leaned closer to him. “It‘s a pity that you have such a boss. However, with your strength, why don‘t you overthrow him and obtain all the power for yourself? You‘ve been working by his side for a decade, so you should have a lot of connections, shouldn‘t you? If I were you, I wouldn‘t allow myself to be wrongfully treated.” 

Buchanon frowned. 

‘I‘ve worked under Fabio for ten years, and I‘ve indeed accumulated a lot of connections, but as long as we‘re in Fabio‘s territory, what‘s the use of having all those connections?‘ 

“But will my life end well if I don‘t do anything?‘ 

It was getting late at night, about 11:30 p.m., and Buchanon was too drunk to even walk when he came out of the clubhouse. 

Yanis supported him. “Mr. Buchanon, I’ll bring you back home.” 

Buchanon did not refuse. He was happy to be accompanied by a beautiful woman. He wrapped his arms around Yanis‘ waist, who stood much taller than himself when she was in her high heels. 

Yanis opened the door for him, and he got in the car and then pulled her into the car. “I‘m really happy that you could drink with me tonight. I haven‘t had someone to talk to for such a 

long time.“ 

Yanis did not push him away and motioned the driver to fetch them to the hotel. When they were on their way, the street lights and shadows shone and covered her face alternately as if someone was switching the lights on and off. Her eyes dimmed. “Don‘t you have someone that you can talk to?” 

Buchanon was very drunk, so he did not think much about it at all. “No, none of them can be trusted. Those b*stards only care about my money, and they‘re only clinging to me because they want to get close to Mr. Puzo.” She narrowed her eyes. “Is Mr. Matthews the same as those people that you just mentioned?” 

Buchanon leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes. “They‘re all the same. Mr. Puzo wouldn‘t have been annoyed if he hadn‘t told me that Gail‘s identity was fake. That damn b*stard, how dare he make a fool out of me!?” 

Yanis chuckled and advised him, “Then you have to be careful. After all, the story of the frog and the scorpion is quite a common story in your field. If you truly help them, will you still have a way out of this mess when you‘re no longer needed in the future?” Buchanon rubbed the bridge of his nose and never spoke again. After sending him back to the hotel, Yanis threw the drunk man on the bed, walked to the window, closed the curtains, and looked back at the unresponsive man. Nollace then loosened the turtleneck that covered his Adam‘s apple, walked to the desk, and turned on Buchanon‘s laptop. The laptop had a password set, so he took a USB flash drive out of his pocket, inserted it, linked it to his cell phone, and cracked the password. There were several folders in Buchanon‘s laptop, one of which was encrypted. 


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