The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1247

Looking at Aunt Rockefeller, who stood in front of him, Alex couldn’t believe his eyes.
Aunt Rockefeller had taken on Daya’s appearance!
‘This… This was just too much!’
‘This was incredible!’
He studied her carefully. Although some details differed from the real Daya, it was very similar to the real person. If Daya were to put on makeup, she could indeed look like this.
Alex couldn’t help but reach out his hand to squeeze Aunt Rockefeller’s face a few times.
It was real flesh.
It wasn’t some illusion.
“You… How did you do this?
“This is incredible!”
“Looking at my face, did you feel the urge to kiss me?” Aunt Rockefeller said.
“I feel like biting your nose to check whether it‘s real or not,” Alex replied.
Aunt Rockefeller reached out to pinch his nose and said, “Of course it’s real. Have you ever heard of the Bone Reduction skill? The Transformation technique uses a similar skill to slightly reduce and change the size and shape of the five facial features. There are, however, drawbacks to using the Bone Reduction skill. For the Transformation skill, it can change not only the size of the bones but also the distribution of muscle in a small range.”
After that, Aunt Rockefeller taught Alex the main points on the Transformation skill.
This was a little trick, and it was not difficult for someone like Alex, whose cultivation base had already reached the Divine Transcendence realm. It took him only three minutes to learn it.
However, after learning it, Alex had a thought that came to him out of the blue. He stared at Aunt Rockefeller’s face for a moment, then asked with a serious look upon his face, “Who in the world are you, really? The face you had before this, was it your real face?”
“Why do you ask?”
“Because I feel like you and I are old friends who have known each other for many years.”
“Your feelings are wrong,” Aunt Rockefeller said. “That face was my real face! There’s another special characteristic about the Transformation skill, it can only last for twelve hours. You can count, just how long have we been together?”
That was right!
From California’s Shangri-La Hotel, to Moonlight lake, and then Alaska, and now to Missouri.
During the period, the two had been like Siamese babies, stuck together. Except for the time they went to the washroom, they were almost inseparable. It was indeed impossible for her to be using a fake appearance.
“Alright, hurry up and change your face, then we can head to Missouri’s Coleman family. We’ll get things done quickly and hurry back. I’m sure your mother is waiting anxiously at home!”
Alex looked at her and said, “You can’t be thinking of going to the Coleman family with that face, right?”
If she did, wouldn’t that just be creating trouble for the Michigan’s Stoermer family?
“How about this?”
Aunt Rockefeller changed her face using the Transformation technique once again.
In the blink of an eye, holy f*ck, she had actually taken on Dorothy’s appearance.
Looking at the beautiful face, no matter it was angry or happy, Alex didn’t know what to say. “Change, change it! What are you doing, taking on my wife’s appearance? I’m telling you, you’re not allowed to take on her face ever!”
“Why? Do you hate your wife? You don’t like her face?”
“I don’t like you impersonating her.”
“Hoho, so you’re still upholding it! But, I seem to recall that Dorothy didn’t do the same to you. The days you lived in the Ass*x family residence were as good as being a dog! Why do you still like her so much?” Aunt Rockefeller asked with obvious contempt in her voice.
“You don’t understand!” Alex protested. “In the Ass*x family, it wasn’t Dorothy who targeted me and nitpicked at everything I did, it was her mother! Moreover, there was something wrong with her brain back then. Her mother’s brain is all better now, and she even has amnesia and doesn’t even remember who I am anymore.”
“That happened?”
Aunt Rockefeller was surprised, but she immediately laughed and said, “But, this is a good thing for you!”


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