The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2155

Chapter 2155 Nollace sat in front of the laptop and started to decipher the folder using hacking tools. After half an hour, he finally cracked the password of the folder. He then skimmed through all the documents found inside the folder and narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw something. 

After a while, he took out the USB flash drive, turned off the laptop, got up, and left the room. 

Jake drove to the hotel‘s parking lot and waited. Nollace took off his wig and got into the car. 

Jake took a glance in the rearview mirror. 

Jesus Christ! This man still looks so good even when he is dressing up as a woman. I guess he‘s the one person in the world who can achieve this.’ “You shouldn‘t have exposed yourself, right?” 

Nollace rubbed off the makeup on his face. “He‘s so drunk that even if he recalls what happened tonight, he may not remember who the lady is.” 

Jake drove away from the hotel. “Fabio assigned some of the management rights of the Parkin Chamber of Commerce to its branches. Buchanon must feel rather upset about it.” 

Nollace changed his clothes in the car and buttoned his shirt slowly. “Whether he‘s happy about it is a story for another day. Gail, who‘s working for Fabio by his side, is more trusted by Fabio than he is. As such, if he doesn‘t find a way out, he‘ll start losing ground sooner or later. Since this is the case, Donald will have a better chance of winning him over.” 

‘Buchanon knows about Donald, but he doesn‘t trust Donald and knows that Donald is only approaching him because of Fabio. And whether or not Buchanon has any doubts about Gail‘s identity, at least he knows that he still doesn‘t have a place in Fabio‘s heart. 

‘What‘s more, he already has a thought of rebelling.’ 

Arriving at The Commune, Nollace walked toward his bedroom alone. However, a dim light that was bleeding through the crack underneath the door looked extremely dazzling in contrast to the pure darkness. 

He frowned, stopped at the door of the room, turned the knob of the door, and pushed in. The lights in the room were on, but he did not leave the lights on when he went out. 

‘Apparently, someone‘s here.‘ 

The swaying curtain caught his attention, and Nollace approached the window. “Come out, now.” 

After a while, half a head stuck out from behind the curtain and giggled at him. He froze for a moment, rubbed the bridge of his nose, and smiled helplessly. “It‘s fine if you come to my place so late at night, but you actually tried to hide. Are you trying to scare me!” Daisie blinked. “Then, are you scared?” 

He restrained his smile, but the affection in his eyes could not even fool a child. “Childish.” 

Daisie came out from behind the curtain. “I‘ve been here since 9:00 p.m., but you were not here. Where have you been?” 

Nollace took off his watch. “I went out on a task.” She leaned closer to him. “Have you been drinking?” 

He placed his watch on the table, turned his head, and breathed out at her. “Is it very strong?” 

Pretending to be disgusted, she waved her hands as if she was trying to disperse the smell of alcohol, but she smelled something else all of a sudden, leaned in, sniffed, and then squinted.” There‘s the scent of another woman‘s perfume on you!” 

Nollace was stunned for a split second, and it seemed a little difficult for him to explain himself. 

Daisie‘s eyes were very keen at this moment, and she discovered that there were some lipstick smudges in the corner of his lips, which seemed very eye–catching on his fair skin. 

She held his cheek in her hand and forced him to face herself. “Why would you have lipstick smudges? Who is the woman who kissed you?” 

He did not know how to react. “I didn‘t–” 

“You‘re lying! Nollace Knowles, have you cheated on me!?” Daisie pushed him away and pointed at him. 

He grabbed her finger and placed her palm on his beating heart. “Your palm is literally lying on my conscience. Now ask yourself, deep down, am I a cheater to you?” She snorted at his mystifying explanation. “Then, where did the perfume scent on your body and this lipstick smudge come from?” 

Seeing that she was getting increasingly agitated, Nollace stretched out his hands and wrapped her in his arms. “It‘s definitely not another woman‘s.” 

Daisie turned her face away. “Don‘t even think about lying to me!” “I‘m not lying.” He pecked the corner of her eye. “I won‘t lie to you.” 


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