The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1248

Alex and Aunt Rockefeller continued chatting randomly, and Alex asked her whose face should he best transform into.
“Whoever’s face is fine as long as it’s not yours! Here, what about that?”
Aunt Rockefeller pointed at a horror movie poster. “What about those characters?
“Forget it. I don’t want to pretend to be a fem ale ghost. Shooriyojou suits me better!”
In Missouri’s Coleman family, this period was probably the most challenging time for the Coleman family.
In the eight royal families, except for the Rockefeller family, who had disappeared mysteriously a long time ago, the Coleman family was now at the complete bottom among the remaining seven royal families. Half of their businesses had been snatched by Michigan’s Stoermer family, and the remaining ones had already sunk.
Locally in Missouri, the Coleman family were originally placed at the top, far detached from the rest.
But now, forget about being first place, they couldn’t even be in among the top ten. The Murphy family, who had previously been oppressed under the Coleman family, had now become the leader of the Missouri business community, and the Coleman family was the first that they went after.
Previously in the Coleman family, there had been a Grandmaster sitting at the head, as well as quite a few half-stepped Grandmasters, as well as Earth rank masters.
But now?
Their Grandmaster was dead, and Zayn Stoermer had completely abolished all their half-stepped Grandmasters.
Even their Earth rank masters, only Jerome Coleman, the little sprout, was left to become the new patriarch of the Coleman family… However, with a group of old, weak and sick people under him, it wasn’t like he could get anywhere or do anything.
“Ahhhh! I’m so pissed!”
At this moment, a roar came from the Coleman family hall.
Tristan Coleman’s father, Abel Coleman, kicked the mahogany table. The table moved a little under half a meter, but it didn’t get kicked over. Instead, it was his foot that hurt! Faced with such a result, Abel was even more frustrated and irritable, and he smashed the purple clay tea set on the table to pieces.
“Abel, what happened?”
The patriarch of the Coleman family, Jerome, asked.
Immediately after, several big shots in the Coleman family also walked in.
Abel told the reasons. It turned out that not only was the Coleman family businesses getting sniped by a rich man led by the Murphy family. Now, even some second rated families had turned up and wanted a bite of them too. Just a moment ago, a family named Quiroz in Missouri had blatantly antagonized the Coleman family. They were competing with the Coleman family in the commercial field of traditional medicine. More importantly, several key and major customers of the Coleman family had already been taken from them.
“Hmph, this Quiroz family is just a lapdog raised by the Murphy family. Our Coleman family can kill them in just minutes,” one of the elders of the Coleman family said. “I’m going to gather people to go kill them now.”
“No…” Jerome shook his head. “That old geezer, Blake Murphy, is already a half-stepped Grandmaster. I heard rumors that he had recently just broken through to become a Grandmaster, and he’s just waiting for an excuse to come to the Coleman family and slaughter us all. If he finds a chance, then the remaining half assets of the Coleman family may have to be handed over to them.”
“Then, what should we do?” the elder asked. “That thief, Blake Murphy, is filled with exuberant ambitions. Even if we don’t give in to him now, he will encourage the other families to come after us and devour us whole! In the end, we’ll still have nothing.”
Abel retorted, “All of this is because of that boy, Alex from California! I will definitely kill him and avenge my son! Uncle, I want to hire a professional assassin to kill that Alex and then assassinate that old thief, Zayn Stoermer. If those two don’t die, I won’t be able to rest in peace!”
“A professional assassin, huh? Will they be able to kill a Grandmaster?” one of the other elders asked.
Abel replied, “The list of assassins has just been updated, and there are quite a few Grandmaster killers on it. They have powerful abilities, but the price is also very high! It can go up to tens of billions!”
Jerome said, “If you spend tens of billions and will be able to take that old thief, Blake Murphy’s head, it’s a good deal… The only fear is that it might fail, and he would get information that could be used against us then! When that happens, the other royal families would have reasons to watch without lifting a finger to do anything.”
As among the royal families in America, there was only one firm rule, when outsiders bullied one party, the rest of the royal families had an obligation to support them. However, it was a completely different story if the royal family mentioned was in the wrong instead!
Jerome suggested, “What about this? Genbu recently came back. Have her infiltrate the Quiroz family and behead him. This will also serve as a warning to the other families in Missouri.”
Very soon, Genbu walked in, and she was also a superb beauty.
Just as she had agreed and was about to prepare to carry out her mission, two people casually walked in. The woman among them pointed at Genbu and said, “You’re Genbu? Come with me. From now on, you’re one of my people!”


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