The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2156

Chapter 2156 Daisie moved away. “You can‘t hug me if you don‘t explain.” Nollace was troubled because he didn‘t know how to explain. There was a knock on the door, and Jake‘s voice came from behind the door. “Mr. Beck, your bag of clothes was left in the car.” 

Nollce placed his hand on his forehead and walked to the door to get the bag from Jake.“ Thanks.” 

After the door closed, Daisie took her bag and was going to leave when Nollace blocked the doorway. She mumbled, “Please move. I‘m leaving.” 

Nollace was amused. “You‘re really angry?” 

“I came to see you, but you treated me this way. You‘ve changed, you *sshole.” She pushed him away and then grabbed the door handle, but Nollace handed the bag to her. “Do you want to take a look?” 

She turned back. “What‘s that?” She took the bag and opened it. It was women‘s clothes, a wig, perfume, and makeup. Daisie picked up the bottle of perfume and sniffed at it. It was the one on Nollace. She figured it out and looked at him in shock. “Are you… Are you—” Nollace rubbed his temple. “Yes, but… I need it to get things done.” Daisie looked at him. “So… you‘re cheating with a man?” 

He burst out laughing and pinched her cheek. “Are you trying to make me angry?” 

She moved his hand away and chuckled. “I was just joking, but…” Daisie looked at the clothes in the bag. “I haven‘t seen you in women‘s clothing before.” Nollace covered his face and peeked at her through his fingers. “It‘s best if it stays that way.” She was annoyed. “Why?” He smiled. “You might feel inferior.” Daisie was rendered speechless. She dumped the bag and turned to leave. Nollace hugged her from behind, buried his face in her hair, and smiled. “You‘re angry?” She turned to look at him but looked cheeky as she replied, “I won‘t if you dress up as a woman.” 

He smirked. “You‘re trying your luck?” 

Daisie turned to face him. “What do you think?” Nollace pouted, then squinted while he kept his gaze on her. Daisie noticed something and looked away. “You… can do it tomorrow. There‘s no rush.” She walked backward, but Nollace blocked her path, placed his hand on the door handle, and 

pulled her into his arms. “You seemed to have fun leading me in circles the other day.” Her heart started pounding, and her face turned red. “Are you keeping a record?” Nollace leaned in, and his breath was on her face. He had drunk alcohol, but she was the one who was drunk. “Well, I might as well bring things up since you‘re here.” Daisie put her hands on his shoulders, but he kissed her before she could speak. Nollace hugged her waist and pulled her in. He was going to devour her, and she was like a fish that was washed ashore, out of breath. 

After a long time, his lips moved to her neck. Daisie grabbed onto his shoulders, and his arms were her support while his shirt started wrinkling 

The next day, at Yuzu Villa… 

Cameron was drinking tea in a bright pink shirt that she had intentionally picked. That was something that she would never wear on a normal day. 

She turned to look out the window where Waylon and Sunny were in the room across from hers. It was obvious that Sunny had intentionally picked that room. Sunny picked up the teacup, which failed to cover his smile. 

Waylon turned and faced the seat across from him. Cameron‘s shirt was too bright, so it was easy to recognize her. 


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