The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2157

Chapter 2157 Sunny smiled. “It‘s interesting to think that two girls are on a blind date.” Waylon looked back at the tea in his cup and smiled. “What will happen if the girl likes her?” Sunny waved his hand. “Don‘t worry. It‘s probably going to fail because of that outfit.” Waylon ran his finger over the brim of the cup and didn‘t speak. Cameron waited there for a while until the door was opened, and a lady walked in. She wasn‘t the prettiest, but she looked classy. The woman smiled. “Are you Mr. Southern?” Cameron crossed her fingers and rested her chin on them. “I am. Are you Minzy that Uncle Damian tried to introduce to me?” 

Minzy sat down and placed her bag on her side. “I‘ve heard about you, but I imagined you differently.” 

Cameron smiled. “I get that a lot.” She pushed her hair back and leaned back on her chair. “It‘s probably because I‘m so hot.”

Minzy looked uneasy but still had a smile on. “You‘re so humorous.” 

Once the food was served, Cameron picked up her cutlery and went straight to the point. “If you have such a big impression of me, does that mean that I fit your criteria?” Minzy forced a smile. “You‘re very confident.” Cameron smiled too. “I‘ve always been because no woman would say no to a handsome man like me.” 

Minzy ate and didn‘t speak Cameron picked up her teacup. “Are you working?” She paused, then nodded with a smile. “Of course.” 

“If you‘re working after we get married, who‘s going to take care of the kids? That won‘t work I need my wife to be a stay–at–home mom so that I can be out making money.” 

Ignoring how Minzy‘s face froze, Cameron placed her fork on her lips and continued. “Of course, you won‘t have a social life once we get married because I don‘t want you to cheat on me. No man other than me can be around you because I easily get jealous. You need to know your place when you‘re my woman, so you can forget about dressing up.” 

Minzy immediately lost interest in the food. She placed down her cutleries and said, “Mr. Southern, you really are very different from what I heard about you. I imagined that you would be smart and polite. However, I‘m pretty disappointed after meeting you.” 

Cameron looked shocked. “I‘m very polite. You don‘t think I‘m polite?” 

Minzy smiled. “You should at least respect women. Men who only set rules for women don‘t respect them.” 

Cameron shrugged. “I‘m not wrong. Do you plan to continue working after getting married? 

Who‘s going to take care of our children? Men have always been working, and women have always stayed home. Why should it be different for you?”. Minzy was shocked, so she picked up her bag and stood up. “I don‘t think it‘ll work out for us. We should forget this.” Cameron got up to stop her. “Hey, hey, don’t go.” Minzy turned, but Cameron didn‘t take back her hand, so it touched Minzy‘s chest. 

The air froze, and Minzy‘s face changed. She then slapped Cameron. “I didn‘t expect you to be a pervert!” Sunny got up, walked over, and opened the door to their room. “Cam!” 


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