The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1249

Two strangers, a man, and a woman, suddenly walked in from outside. Their appearance stunned the group of core members from the Coleman family who were in the room.
Especially the woman, as she pointed directly at Genbu and said, “You’re one of my people now.”
“What the heck? What the hell was going on?” Jerome Coleman looked at the two people. He didn’t recognize them at all.
He immediately said, “Who are you people? How did you get in? Guards, where are the guards? Have they gone blind? They couldn’t see two living beings come in?”
At this moment, a female member of the Coleman family, Abel’s younger sister named Adelaide Coleman, looked at the two strangers. The more she looked at them, the more she felt like something wasn’t right, as though she had seen them somewhere before. After a few seconds, she suddenly exclaimed out loud, “Ah, I remember now! I know who they are!”
Abel asked, “You know them? Who are these two retarded people?!”
“They’re the Condor Hero and Shooriyojou! From the popular TV series, those two are characters from there.”
When everyone in the Coleman family heard that exclamation, they couldn’t help but facepalm.
“What the hell? Were characters from a TV series able to get out of the TV? Have you been watching too much TV, you’ve actually been poisoned by it?”
Jerome rebuked her, “Adelaide, stop talking nonsense. What characters from a TV series? Please refrain from speaking such nonsense!”
Then, he turned around and said to the two strangers, “I don’t care how you got in, but since you dared to break into our Coleman family residence, don’t even think of leaving it!”
The ones who came were obviously Alex and Aunt Rockefeller.
Aunt Rockefeller hadn’t wanted to take on the appearance of a female ghost from the movie poster, so she had transformed into Shooriyojou, while Alex took on the appearance of the Condor Hero from the popular TV series. Then, they went together to the Coleman family. The current level of guards at the Coleman family was useless when faced with the both of them, they didn’t even have time to react, and the two basically just waltzed in.
Alex and Aunt Rockefeller didn’t expect to see Genbu the moment they came in.
Seeing Genbu’s bloodline talent in a glance, Aunt Rockefeller was quite happy with it.
“You want to keep us here?” Aunt Rockefeller snorted. “Have you even seen what state your family is in now? You don’t even have a Grandmaster, and an advanced Earth rank has become the king of the mountains here. What kind of big talk are you speaking here? This Genbu, she’s caught my eye. I will definitely be taking her.”
One of the elders asked, “Who in the world are you people?”
“Didn’t your people introduce us already?” Aunt Rockefeller shot back. “Have you gone deaf from old age? Enough, I’ll be taking her. You don’t have to see us off!”
Jerome was furious and said, “Genbu, kill them all!”
Genbu had already wanted to do that. How could these people just come in and say she was now one of theirs?
This woman might be a pervert.
Genbu released her power, and a flood of blood energy burst out from around her body. The cultivation level that she displayed unexpectedly started rising rapidly. One of the elders sighed at this moment. “I didn’t expect Genbu’s Blood Burst Art to have advanced to this level. This should be level six of the cultivation level, the Blood Staining realm! It seems that Genbu’s talent is the greatest among all the Four Great Princesses. It’s no wonder she is known as Bloody Genbu.”
Another person nodded and smiled. “Yes, once Genbu’s Blood Burst Arts is unleashed to its peak, it can be on par with a half-stepped Grandmaster. Haha, it won’t be long before she is on par with a Grandmaster. When the time comes, we don’t have to be afraid of that old fart, Blake Murphy. We can just kill him, as well as all of his family members. We’ll kill them all, and we’ll abolish all of their warriors too!”
“These two fools may have been given to us by the gods to serve as sacrifice for Genbu to rise to her peak”
Everyone in the Coleman family smiled one after another as they watched how impressive Genbu was. They had even begun to imagine the road to rise and rejuvenate their family, how they would have a stunning turnaround, and how they would completely and utterly destroy the Murphy family.
But, just now, Aunt Rockefeller, who was still in the guise of Shooriyojou, suddenly snapped her fingers.
A strong wind blew, forming a shadow of a finger in the air. It let out a shot of something, hitting Genbu in the chest with a loud ‘thud’. The next moment, Genbu’s body shook violently, and the realm that she had let burst forth ‘crashed’ until nothing was left.
The Blood Burst Art energy that she had unleashed previously also disintegrated like an avalanche, no trace of it was left.
As the momentum of her release had skyrocketed so fast before, it had dispersed equally quickly, her body couldn’t bear the enormous contrast, and she fell to her knees, gasping for breath.
“What is going on?!”


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