The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1250

“S-She… She just shot something out of her finger, and it broke Genbu’s skills.”
“But, how is that possible? You couldn’t see the slightest hint of power in that attack at all?!”
Everyone in the Coleman family started yelling and shouting, completely unable to accept this at all. The situation was like a person who already knew their lottery number had won the jackpot, yet one day before they went to claim their prize, their lottery ticket had been washed away by their wife when their clothes were washed.
Utter devastation!
As for Genbu, she was by far the most shocked.
She knelt on the ground and looked at Aunt Rockefeller with horror upon her face. “Y-You… What did you do to me? What skills did you use?”
As she had clearly felt it, that thing that Aunt Rockefeller had used to shoot her with had completely extinguished the Chi in her body after it hit her. Even the blood energy contained in her body had disappeared inexplicably. The source of the Blood Burst Art was in her bloodline. If she couldn’t feel the energy from it, then the Blood Burst Art was basically just an empty shell.
The most exaggerated part of this was that she felt all the chi in the body was gone.
It was like she had become an ordinary person.
“I… Has everything in me been extinguished?”
Aunt Rockefeller smiled lightly. “You’ll learn the Fair Maiden’s Heart Sutra at my Ancient Tomb Sect!”
The woman named Adelaide Coleman exclaimed in surprise, “Y-You… Could it be that you’re the real Shooriyojou?”
Aunt Rockefeller snorted. “That’s right! Of course, I’m the real one!”
Having said that, she walked over and clasped Genbu’s arm. “Follow me!”
At this moment, Jerome Coleman let out a huge roar. Like an arrow that had been shot, he rushed toward Aunt Rockefeller.
Genbu was the hope of the Coleman family now. How could he just sit back and let this strange woman who dressed as Shooriyojou just take her away? They had already lost three out of the Four Great Princesses, and Genbu was the last one. Even if he had to put his life on the line, he needed to keep her here.
Aunt Rockefeller clapped lightly.
A humongous, fair, white hand expanded in the air and slammed into Jerome’s chest.
Jerome was slapped by the palm directly in the next instant, and he flew through the air from the impact. With a loud ‘bang’, his body slammed into the stone wall behind them, a big hole appeared on the wall from the impact, and his body went through it.
The entire scene was enveloped in dead silence!
The gap between the two was too big, and everyone was looking on in disbelief. It was like a child had thrown a punch and knocked over a car. Was this a dream?
After throwing out this punch, Aunt Rockefeller picked up Genbu, who couldn’t move her body at all now. She and Alex both swaggered out the gates of the Coleman family after that, and no one else dared to stop them.
Didn’t everyone just see the strongest patriarch of the Coleman family get beaten and flung through the air?
Whether or not they needed to change their patriarch once again, it was still unknown!
“Patriarch, Patriarch! Are you alright?”
“The patriarch has fainted. Hurry, get Doctor Lloyd here!”
Everyone on scene from the Coleman family was eagerly but somewhat chaotically lending a hand to work together to pull Jerome, who was covered in dust, from the ruins. It took a while before he finally woke up. The first thing he asked was, “Where is Genbu? Is Genbu alright?”
Adelaide replied, “Uncle, Genbu has been taken away by Shooriyojou!”
Jerome spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He was thoroughly pissed.
“Investigate them! Hurry up and find out for me right away. I want to know who in the world those two, the Condor Hero and Shooriyojou, really are!”


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