The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2158

Chapter 2158 Cameron‘s head turned, and her cheek was red. She touched it in shock. “You slapped me?” 

Minzy‘s eyes were red from anger. “You touched me, why can‘t I hit you?” She then turned to face Sunny. “Is this how you brought up your son? How could a family as famous as the Southerns molest women!?” 

Sunny rubbed his temples and glared at Cameron. ‘This b*stard!‘ 

He didn‘t help Cameron. “I‘m so sorry. It‘s my fault for not bringing him up the right way.” “It‘s just my luck. Let‘s forget that this even happened.” Minzy accepted his apology and left the room. 

In the corridor, she bumped into Waylon, who walked past her and looked back in surprise. 

‘A man like that exists on the East Islands? Handsome and classy?‘ She would believe it if he was actually Cameron because that was how Cameron had been described to her. She regretted meeting Cameron because the rumors were all fake. 

But who was this man? 

In the room… 

Cameron held her swollen cheek. “That was a hard slap, dad. My face is swollen.” Sunny rolled his eyes. “You deserved that.” 

Cameron took out the mirror to check her face. Even a light pinch would leave a mark, let alone a slap. 

Waylon leaned on the door and looked at her. “Your acting was great, as good as my sister‘s.” She could have easily evaded that slap with her agility, but she took it anyway to create the * sshole image. She went all out on that. 

Sunny turned around with the help of his cane. “I need to visit Damian so that he doesn‘t think you were picking on her.” 

He left the room too. 

Cameron put the mirror away and raised her eyebrows. “So, you were watching but didn‘t come and help?” 

He smiled. “How could your father and I interrupt your blind date?” 

She removed the flowery pink shirt and had a T–shirt under it. “That slap was worth it.” 

Cameron walked out of the room. Waylon smiled, shook his head, and followed along. Sunny met Damian, and Minzy was there too. She had recounted what had transpired in the room, and Damian looked at Sunny. “Cam…“. Sunny rubbed the bridge of his nose. “He did that intentionally. He doesn‘t want to get married, so there‘s no point forcing it.” Minzy was not as angry when she heard that Cameron had intentionally acted that way. “It‘s fine, Uncle Damian. It‘s fine if he doesn‘t like me.” 

Damian sighed and didn‘t speak Minzy got up and apologized to Sunny. “I‘m sorry for saying all those things in the room Please forgive me.” Sunny waved his hand. “It‘s alright. What Cam did was unacceptable.” Minzy smiled and turned toward Damian. “Uncle Damian, please don‘t hold this against Mr. Southern. I found someone else anyway.” Damian was surprised. “Who?” She smiled shyly. “He‘s a very handsome and classy man. I just saw him in the corridor but didn‘t get a name.” Sunny realized that something was wrong. ‘Did she see Wayne in the corridor?‘ 

At Southern residence… 

Cameron was sitting on the couch with an ice pack on her cheek. The butler standing next to her felt bad. “You were fine when you left home. Why did you come back like this?“. 


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