The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2160

Chapter 2160 

Daisie paused and mumbled, “It’s all your fault.” 

Nollace rested his head on his hand and smiled. “Sure, blame me.” 

Jake walked in and wasn’t surprised to see Daisie there because he knew she had stayed over. Mr. Beck.” 

Nollace nodded and walked to the door with Jake, who looked into the room and said, “Fabio sent someone to bring Buchanon to him. I guess that’s the end of him.” 

Nollace calmly asked, “Who will take over Parkin after he’s removed?” 

Jake thought about it. “Gail has the highest chance.” 

Nollace smiled. “Great then.” 

Buchanon knelt on the marble tiles while shaking because he was filled with terror. He didn’t know the files in his computer were in Fabio’s hands. 

Fabio had his back to him while standing in front of a huge window with his hands behind his back. He was looking out the window. “Buchanon, I let you handle Parkin, yet this was how you repay me?” 

He shuddered and looked up. “Mr. Puzo, I didn’t betray you. Someone framed me!” 

Fabio slowly turned around. “Tell me then, who framed you?” 

Buchanon didn’t know what to say because he didn’t know what had gone wrong. 

Fabio’s eyes burned. “Buchanon, you tried to win over people behind my back. Do you think I don’t know what you’re doing?” 

Buchanon’s face was pale as a sheet. 

At that moment, Gail walked in, and Fabio looked toward her. “What did you find out?” 

Gail spoke. “Mr. Gibson was in communication with those men, including Donald Matthews.” Buchanon stared at Gail in shock. “You-” 

Gail didn’t give him a chance to explain himself. “I guess the mole is showing his true colors. Donald was the one who started the plot against you and tried to make you question me. Once you fell for it, the mole would be able to get away.” 

“Gail! That’s all b*llshit. You’re the suspicious one, but you’re defaming me!” yelled Buchanon. 

Gail looked calm. “It’s not defamation if it’s all true.” 

Buchanon was tongue–tied. He couldn’t explain the files because it was the truth. He wouldn’t be able to deny working with Donald. 

His face betrayed how hopeless he was. 

Fabio ordered some men in, and two men in black appeared behind Buchanon. He then turned 

around and didn’t bother to look. “You know what to do with people who betray me.” 

The men grabbed Buchanon, who struggled and yelled, “Mr. Puzo! I didn’t betray you, I really didn’t! Why don’t you believe me His voice faded off in the walkway. 

Fabio was wild–eyed. “Send someone to kill Donald. There’s no way this troublemaker can get away. I’ll let you take over Parkin for now.” 

Gail looked down. “Yes, sir.” She turned around with a smile on her face. 

The news of Buchanon’s death got to Donald, and he looked shocked, but it faded quickly. He was quiet for a long while before getting up. “I guess I can’t sit around anymore. I have to start attacking.” 

Donald checked out of the hotel and left after giving Chunky some instructions. 

When Gail went to the Rain Hotel, no one was in the room. It was obvious that Donald had received the news and left. 


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