The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1251

How would Jerome Coleman find out the identity of Shooriyojou and the Condor Hero?
They were fictional characters. Furthermore, after taking Genbu and walking out of the Coleman family’s residence, Alex and Aunt Rockefeller flew past the buildings using Feather Walk, dodging all the nearby surveillance cameras. When they reappeared, they were already far away.
“Who are you people? Where are you taking me to?”
“I… I don’t like women. If you ever try to do those disgusting things to me, I’ll… Bite my tongue and commit suicide!”
Genbu felt weak all over and had no strength to escape. Even if Aunt Rockefeller threw her on the street, she could not run fast either.
Aunt Rockefeller sneered, “Have you misunderstood something? How could I fancy you? I’m Shooriyojou, and he’s the Condor Hero. Shooriyojou only loves her Condor Hero. Even if you want to intervene as the third wheel, it’s an impossible matter for you.”
Alex only felt weird about Aunt Rockefeller claiming herself to be Shooriyojou and acted so affectionately.
“Then, why did you capture me?” Genbu really could not understand her intention.
Aunt Rockefeller said, “I think your aptitude is great. It’s just a waste to stay in that kind of place like the Coleman family. So, I kindly came over to enlighten you to join my Ancient Tomb Sect. From now on, you’ll start your brand new life!”
“Ancient Tomb Sect?”
Genbu was extremely shocked. She had watched the perennially popular TV series, ‘The Legend of Condor Heroes’, and was familiar with the characters in it. However, she did not watch the version portrayed by Louis Koo. In addition, she did not have enough time to practice martial arts. She basically did not have time to pay attention to the entertainment news, so she could not recognize the two protagonists in disguise.
“Could you both are really… Shooriyojou and the Condor Hero?”
“Of course, how many times do I need to repeat myself?”
“But… They’re just fictional characters in the novel’s plot!”
“We’re the prototypes for the novel!” Aunt Rockefeller blurted, “Alright, if there’s any problem, you’ll understand it later. I’ve sealed your bloodline now, so don’t you ever try to use any Blood Burst Art to stimulate your potential! To be frank with you, that Blood Burst Art of yours is akin to killing the goose that lays the golden egg, a temporary remedy that will cause the problem to get worse! Now, your Blood Burst Art has reached a higher level, it will result in a greater overdraft of potential. According to your current overdraft condition, I’m more optimistic about your sister, Suzaku.”
“You know about Suzaku?”
“She has joined my Ancient Tomb Sect now. She’s my Ancient Tomb Sect’s disciple!”
Alex wiped the sweat from his forehead as he sweated quietly. He thought, ‘Aunt isn’t really going to create the Ancient Tomb Sect, right? But the problem is, where will she go to create an ancient tomb to live in?’
On the other hand, Genbu’s eyes widened in shock. “Suzaku is in your hands? You guys… What is your relationship with Alex Rockefeller from California?”
Aunt Rockefeller blurted nonsense, “Oh, you’re talking about that Rockefeller brat. He’s also a member of our Ancient Tomb Sect, but his martial arts is mediocre. He’s just a fellow without any promising prospects.”
Alex shot a glare at her without saying a word.
On the other hand, Genbu was completely shocked. In her mind, Alex, who could kill Terrance Coleman, the Grandmaster of the Coleman family, turned out to be a person without any promising prospects. As expected, this woman was truly terrifying.
How great were her martial arts skills?
“You… Are you a Martial Honor?”
The way Genbu addressed Aunt Rockefeller suddenly changed.
Martial artists always had respect for the truly strong people from the bottom of their hearts.
To her surprise, Aunt Rockefeller said, “What’s so great about Martial Honor?!”
‘Martial Honor was not even up to her standard?’
“Could it be that you are… Are a Martial Saint senior?”
Aunt Rockefeller snorted. “Once you have joined my Ancient Tomb Sect, I’ll make you a Martial Saint within three years!”
After that, Aunt Rockefeller wanted to part with Alex on the road right away, so she said, “Alex, I’ll bring Genbu to Ancient Tomb Sect. You should go back and find Zella Yaeger and her daughter. I’ll look for you in a few days.”
Alex was dumbfounded. He spoke to her with spiritual consciousness to ask, “Are you really into role-play? Where will your Ancient Tomb Sect come from?”


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