The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1252

Aunt Rockefeller replied telepathically, “Can’t I just make one trip? Alright, let’s part ways here!”
Alex looked at her. He actually felt a bit reluctant to part with her. In these few days, he was following her so closely that he started to have feelings for her.
However, Aunt Rockefeller waved her hand right away. She took Genbu and swaggered off, disappearing around the corner of the street in the blink of an eye.
After restoring his appearance, Alex hurried back to the hotel and found Zella Yaeger and Winniefred Wood. Then, he checked out the room and left.
Missouri was not far away from California. Alex immediately called a cab and returned to Rockefeller Manor in California.
Seeing such a huge manor, Zella seemed a little cautious and nervous. “Savior, this… This place is your home?”
Winniefred tugged at Alex’s clothes. On the contrary, she was very excited after looking around the area. “It’s so huge! It’s like walking into a park. Uncle, are you a millionaire?”
Her words amused Alex, so he held her hand and said, “Yes! Uncle is a millionaire. Uncle will buy you whatever you want from now on!”
However, the little girl shook her head, with the two tiny braids swaying back and forth. “This isn’t good! Uncle’s money is Uncle’s money. Winnie can’t simply use it! Only Mommy’s money is Winnie’s money… Hey, if you’re my daddy, that’d be great. Can you be my daddy?”
Alex had already heard her say that several times.
He looked at Zella and saw her seemingly shy. A beautiful tenderness was displayed upon that indifferent yet stern face. His heart skipped a beat. He nodded for some reason. “Alright, then you just treat me as your daddy!”
“That’s great!”
“Now, I have a daddy, too!”
The little girl jumped all of a sudden and hugged Alex. Unfortunately, she could not jump high enough to reach his shoulders, so she just slid down. In the end, Alex picked her up.
Her pinkish, chubby face looked very cute, and there were tears in her huge eyes too.
Compared with Hailey Lawson’s daughter, Zoey Carter, she was even more sensible and loveable by others.
“Daddy, Daddy, you should be a bit louder!”
The little girl kissed Alex on the nose, leaving a little bit of saliva on it.
Seeing her daughter’s ecstatic look, all sorts of feelings welled up in Zella’s heart. The word “Daddy” was something that she could not provide to her daughter as a mother before. However, with a nod from Alex, it gave her a completely different joy.
At this moment, the people in the manor heard the commotion and came out one after another. The one to rush to the front was Holly Yates.
Then, Brittany Rockefeller, Waltz Fleur, Maya Howards, Xyla Stoermer, and even Michelle Yowell and Hailey Lawson all walked out of the manor.
If each person in the group were to be placed in the crowd, she would be a figure with peerless beauty in the world. When they came out together, they looked like a magnificent landscape.
Seeing those people, Winniefred hugged Alex and whispered, “Daddy, do I have many mommies?”
Alex was speechless.
At this moment, Holly took the lead and came forward. She looked at Winniefred curiously. “Bro, who’s this little brat?”
Brittany and others who followed from behind also sized her up in surprise.
Winniefred hugged Alex tightly and said in a childish voice, “I’m not a little brat, but I’m Daddy’s daughter. I’m Winnie!”


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