The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2153

Chapter 2153 ‘Besides, do you really think he‘ll be able to accept this sudden news?‘ Cameron crossed her arms and did not say anything. Sunny said earnestly, “Your Uncle Damian is just asking you to go and meet the girl, so just go. Moreover, the girl might not even like you, so just take it as a facade you have to play.” 

She turned around, walked to the door, stopped, turned around, and smirked. “Okay, I‘ll go, but just in case I take a fancy to her, you‘ll be the one who marries her since I don‘t mind having a stepmother at my age.” 

“Get out!” 

At the same time as the book was thrown at her, Cameron quickly dashed out of the door, and the book could only hit the door. 

Sunny rubbed his forehead, which was throbbing. 

‘Why are everyone else‘s daughters cute and graceful princesses, while mine is like a goon on the streets? All she knows is to piss me off.‘ 

As night approached, the yellow street lamps lit up. The lights in the clubhouse flashed beautifully, creating an illusion of a lingering fog, which could easily intoxicate all the lost souls partying in it. Since he left the villa the other day, Buchanon began to feel anxious. He wondered if it was because he was trying to expose Gail‘s identity, and it had annoyed Fabio. Fabio had actually divided the management rights of the Parkin Chamber of Commerce that belonged to only him and gave them to one of its branches. 

It meant that he was no longer the only manager of the Parkin Chamber of Commerce. 

He poured himself some liquor and drank it sullenly, and the lady sitting beside him approached him. “Mr. Gibson, don‘t just leave me here all alone.” 

“Scat, can‘t you see that I‘m rather occupied and bothered now?” Buchanon pushed her away, sounding extremely upset. 

The lady was frightened and did not dare to come any closer. 

At this time, the private room door was pushed open, and the woman who stepped into the room with a new batch of liquor was taller than an average woman and was dressed elegantly. 

Long, black, curly hair hung over her shoulder, and her makeup was so glamorous that none of the ladies in the room looked half as good as her. Especially when she was wearing an exotic dress, coupled with her mixed–race facial feature, she looked so prepossessing that she looked like someone that walked out of a comic. 

Buchanon picked up the glass but was stunned when he saw the exceptionally elegant and beautiful woman. 

The beauty placed the drinks on the table, walked to the lady in the room, and said something 

to her. The lady then picked her clutch up and hurriedly left the room. 

Her quest had been in a bad mood, and she would only suffer if she were to continue to stay in the room. Anyway, she would still get paid, so why waste her time on only one guest? 

Buchanon took a closer look at the beauty. He had never seen such a stunning belle in the East Islands. “Why haven‘t I seen you around the clubhouse before this?” 

The beauty sat right next to Buchanon and gave off a smile. “I‘m new here.” 

Buchanon was in a bad mood, and he had grown tired of seeing the ladies that the clubhouse had to offer, as there were only a few of them working here on a shift basis. Now that a new lady had come to work, she was someone that he had never seen before. 

Although her voice did not sound very pleasant, her appearance was of a higher caliber when compared to the other ladies in the clubhouse. 

No matter how bad his mood was, it had been muffled a lot at the moment. However, Buchanon was still acting somewhat vigilantly. “Are you not a local?” 

The beauty opened a bottle of liquor, her actions smooth and swift, making her look like a pro. “I moved here from Octavia with my parents when I was only nine years ago. I‘ve been studying in Stoslo before this, and I‘ve only recently returned to the island.” 

Buchanon raised his glass and wondered. “You studied abroad and came back only to work at such a place.” 

The beauty poured the liquor slowly and steadily. “I‘m very good at drinking, and I‘m only a part–timer at the moment.” 

Buchanon snorted. “I‘ve never seen a woman working in this field who dares to boast about her drinking capacity.” “That‘s a fact, so why hide it from others? Men who have drunk with me usually won‘t come back looking for me again.” The lady picked up a glass of liquor and turned to look at him. Under the dim lamp, her face looked so gorgeous that it seemed like an illusion. Buchanon was amused by her and clinked his glass with that of hers. “You seem very interesting. What‘s your name?” “Yanis.” Buchanon frowned. “Is this your name?” 

A faint trace of hilarity flashed across Yanis‘ bright–colored eyes. “Yes, in Hebrew, it means God‘s grace.”


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