The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1254

Her words had made Waltz and the others blush.
Only then did Alex know about Hailey’s trust intention of coming to his house… First, she came to visit Brittany. After all, many people with intention could inquire gossip about the incident that happened at Moonlight Lake that day here. At the time, many people knew that Brittany was held under duress. Secondly, she came to inform Brittany about something, Rockefeller Group was going to be wrapped up and sold.
They arrived at the inside of the manor.
Everyone knew that Alex had gone for a trip to the Melvis family in Alaska, and he would definitely have a lot of things to talk to Brittany about alone after coming back. Hence, they were very tactful in taking care of Zella and her daughter, giving them time to be in private.
Alex told Brittany about his experience at the Melvis family and the incidents that he had encountered. He left the final decision to Brittany herself.
“Once he leaves the customs, he should be able to receive the news very soon!”
“If the truth of the matter is indeed as Bennett Melvis had confessed, he should come and find us. When the time comes, just do whatever you think of without scruple! The Melvis family is nothing to us for now.”
Brittany nodded and then said, “Then, you should find time and go to Long Beach with me first!”
The appearance of Bennett Melvis and Ruby Lamar after being infected by parasitic disease flashed in Alex’s mind. He nodded. “Alright…”
Then, he said, “I heard that Rockefeller Group is going to be wrapped up and sold?”
Brittany said, “Did Hailey tell you about it? This news was just released earlier. Rockefeller Group has been impacted by the products of our Lush Cosmetics and lost many orders, but it’s actually impossible for them to crash this fast! The main cause is that no one is in charge of the Rockefeller family. John Rockefeller has entered a vegetative state, Noah Rockefeller and his family have run away. It’s Paige Rockefeller who is manipulating this matter.”
Alex said, “This Paige Rockefeller doesn’t seem to have such an authority, right?”
Brittany nodded. “Hence, there must be someone behind her back It might be Noah Rockefeller. They need money for their escape.”
Alex said, “But, I’m suspecting it’s Carol Rockefeller. This woman’s thoughts now have become a bit unbelievable.”
Brittany let out a sigh. “This woman has been an ungrateful person. Now, she is just getting worse.”
In the end, Alex waved his hand. “Whatever, she can’t cause any trouble anyway! Rockefeller Group is the result of the blood, sweat, and tears you and Dad shed back then. Since Paige Rockefeller will shut it down and sell it, we should take it down. What do you think?”
Brittany smiled and called Maya to come in.
Maya had the same intention as well.
She said, “But, in the news about the sales announced by Paige Rockefeller, there’s a clear condition that the people related to our Lush Cosmetics will be rejected should they want to purchase Rockefeller Group. In other words, we’re on Rockefeller Group’s blacklist.”
Alex sneered.
“So she said we’re on the blacklist. But does that mean we should adhere to that blacklist?”
“Who does Paige Rockefeller think she is?”
“If she’s tactful, I’ll give them a bit of money as charity. If she’s not tactful, I’ll snatch Rockefeller Group over without spending a single penny.”
Alex paused for a while after speaking. He asked, “Has anyone contacted Paige Rockefeller?”
Maya nodded. “Based on my understanding, there were a few of them. But, Paige Rockefeller is quite greedy. To rake in a huge fortune in the end, she will be having a live auction. The highest bidder will have it.”
“When will it be?”
“It will be happening in the exhibition hall of Rockefeller Group tonight.”
Alex touched his chin and said with a smile, “Let’s go and join in the fun tonight then! Mom, you haven’t been to Rockefeller Group for quite some time, right? Let’s go and revisit the company.”


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