The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2162

Chapter 2162 

Waylon lowered his head and pressed on her. 

Cameron’s eyes opened widely, and the fan in her hands fell to the floor. 

Minzy jerked up and covered her mouth in shock and disbelief. She could not accept what had happened before her eyes, so she ran out with her eyes turning red. 

Cameron was frozen stiff, and she did not dare to make any move. 

Waylon’s face was very close to hers right now. His lips landed on the finger that he put on Cameron’s lips. Even though they were not kissing, it seemed to Minzy that they were from her angle of view. 

Cameron pushed him away and pointed at him. “You!” 

No words could come out of her mouth for a long while, and then she stormed away from the private room. 

Waylon gazed at his finger and fell into thought. 

The atmosphere in the car was weird. Cameron rested her chin on her palm as she looked outside through the mirror. Even though she tried her best to chase away the memory in her head, it just wouldn’t go away no matter how hard she tried. 

She took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then, she turned her head around to look at him and said, “Even if you’re going to reject her, you shouldn’t… You shouldn’t use me as your shield.” 

Holding the steering wheel, Waylon hit the brake to reduce the speed at the junction and said, “Likewise. Didn’t you push me away as well because you don’t like it?” 

She was shocked. “I’m a girl. How is there any possibility that I’d enjoy doing something like that?” 

He glanced at her and chuckled. “Are you a girl?” 

Cameron froze for a moment before leaning against the back of her seat. “Oh, I get it now. You’re taking revenge on me.” 

He smiled but did not say anything. He turned around and headed to the Southern residence. Sunny knew that Waylon had gone to meet Minzy. He paced back and forth in the courtyard as he was worried that Waylon would find Minzy attractive. If that happened, he couldn’t make Waylon his son–in–law anymore. 

He sighed from time to time, and the butler was confused. “Mr. Southern, why are you sighing?” 

Sunny stood under the grape trellis. Looking at the cluster of green grapes, Sunny did not 

know why but he felt that they looked just like his disappointing daughter. He took a bite from 

the grape, and it was so sour that his face scrunched together. 

“I don’t think Cam can get a husband anymore for the rest of her life.” 

The butler was shocked. “Don‘t you think you‘re ‘over–worried?” Sunny shook his head. He had already prepared himself for the worst. “There is such a great opportunity before her, yet she doesn‘t cherish it. Sigh, she‘s such an idiot.” 

The butler chuckled, “I don‘t think your daughter is an idiot. She‘s just gotten used to being a man who views her life in a carefree way. She‘s a girl. After everything is over and she slowly reverts to her female identity, I‘m sure she‘ll slowly get used to it.” 

Before Sunny could say anything, a figure entered the courtyard. It was none other than Cameron. She did not greet her father and rushed all the way back to her room. 

After that, Sunny saw Waylon walking into the courtyard calmly. 

Sunny and the butler exchanged a glance, and the former asked, “What‘s wrong with Cam?” Waylon chuckled, “Maybe she‘s upset.” 

“Upset? Why?” asked the butler. As if he knew something, Sunny let out a laugh and turned his head around to look at the butler. “I see. Well, it seems like she‘s a girl, after all. There‘s no girl in this world who wouldn‘t feel upset about something like this, right?” The butler was even more confused. 

Sunny clasped his hands together and approached Waylon. With a smile on his face, he asked,” Wayne, you went to meet Ms. Holland, right? What do you think about her?” Waylon replied calmly, “She‘s a good girl, but I‘m not into her. What‘s wrong?” Sunny chuckled, “It seems like you‘re not into a frail little girl like Ms. Holland.” The butler was shocked. He did not know what was going on with Sunny at all. Waylon lowered his head and replied, “Mr. Southern Sr., I‘ll go back to my room first.” “Okay.” Sunny nodded. As he watched Waylon walk into the house, he let out a sigh. His hanging heart finally landed. 

When the butler saw that he was smiling while watching Waylon, he was dumbfounded. “Sir, why do you look so happy when your daughter is upset?” 


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