The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1255

It was eight o’clock at night.
Rockefeller Group’s exhibition hall was brightly lit and buzzing with people.
Many prestigious people from California rushed over because of the news released by Paige Rockefeller, Rockefeller Group was wrapped up and sold at a low price in a live auction. The highest bidder would acquire the company. Moreover, it was offered at an ultra low price of fifty billion dollars. Naturally, it attracted a lot of people pursuing it.
Well, Rockefeller Group had a market value of over three hundred billion dollars at its pinnacle.
Fifty billion dollars was simply a cutthroat price. Although Lush Cosmetics completely blocked Rockefeller Group’s business, they had been operating their business for decades, with their territories scattered all over America. They wouldn’t crash in such a short time. Even if the assets were reduced by half, there would still be a scale of 150 billion dollars.
Besides, there were all sorts of immovable assets. Even if it was successfully acquired for 150 billion dollars, it would still be profitable. Therefore, once the reserve price was announced, companies without sufficient capabilities initially and third rate families in California came over one after another as well.
“Mr. Shepherd, why are you here too?”
“Could it be that you people from Pegasus International want to take down Rockefeller Group, too?”
“But the problem is, even if the deal is struck at the reserve price of fifty billion dollars, your father wouldn’t be able to afford this amount of money, right?”
In the crowd, a young man, who brought along a beautiful woman, said to another young man.
That young man was none other than the young heir of Pegasus International who used to pursue Dorothy Ass*x, Felix Shepherd.
After a lapse of time, Flex now had a girlfriend and held an important position in Pegasus International. He was bound to inherit the properties of Pegasus International in the future. He looked at the young man before him and sneered, “So it’s you, Mr. MacGregor! If Pegasus International can’t take down Rockefeller Group, do you think your family’s Dream City can take it down?”
Both of them were rivals who used to have grudges against each other.
The young man called Mr. MacGregor laughed and said, “Our Dream City is determined to have Rockefeller Group! To be frank with you, today’s auction is just an interlude. In the end, the one who acquires Rockefeller Group will surely be our Dream City.”
Felix frowned. “Do you people have this much money?”
Mr. MacGregor arrogantly said, “Do you think the MacGregor family is still the same as five years ago? That means your Pegasus International hasn’t made any progress. If we were to rank the four great families in California again, my MacGregor family would be seated at the first place for sure.”
Then, he said to Felix’s girlfriend, who was holding his hand, “Pretty lady, you really look beautiful. With your stunning look, it’s really such a pity to be Felix Shepherd’s girlfriend. The Shepherd family is just a third rate family at most, whereas my MacGregor family will soon become the top notch family. How about you come with me? What do you think? I’ll give a villa that’s worth tens of millions of dollars right now.”
Felix’s girlfriend’s eyes suddenly flickered as she was actually a bit moved.
Felix almost wanted to vomit blood after looking at her reaction.
At this moment, he caught a glimpse of a group of people coming over from the entrance. They were Alex Rockefeller, Brittany Rockefeller, and Maya Howards.
There were only three of them. The rest of the family did not come with them as such a small matter did not require the entire family to be present.
However, Felix knew that Alex was behind Thousand Miles Conglomerate. Now that Alex and Brittany appeared, he was afraid that it would be a bunk to sell off Rockefeller Group.
He sneered at Mr. MacGregor. “Rockefeller Group can’t be acquired by anyone. Look, the owner is here. Just a word of advice, you better be a bit discreet and don’t simply jump out there. Otherwise, you won’t even know how you died and brought the disaster of annihilation upon your MacGregor family.”
After speaking, Felix simply let go of his girlfriend’s hand, flinging it away ferociously.
‘Damn, why do I need this kind of woman?’
‘Sooner and later she would turn me into a cuckold!’
He immediately scurried toward the entrance to greet Alex.
It was because he saw Alex and the group from the glass window earlier. At this moment, they had not officially walked into the exhibition hall yet! Felix immediately walked out of the main entrance. When he saw Alex, he greeted with a smile, “Mr. Rockefeller, Mrs. Rockefeller!”
Alex was startled for a brief moment Never did he expect that he would meet Felix here.
“Why are you here?”
“Mr. Rockefeller, I‘m not here to acquire Rockefeller Group. I just came to join in the fun.”
When the two people were talking, Mr. MacGregor walked out with a doubtful expression. He wanted to see what kind of powerful figure had arrived to make that fellow Felix go forward and greet them like a bootlicking dog. If the person was really a supreme figure, he did not mind bootlicking the person as well. He could even bootlick harder than Felix.
During this time, the advance by leaps and bounds in the MacGregor family’s strength was inseparable from the family’s bootlicking ability. And, he, Theodore MacGregor, had also created a set of perfect guidelines for bootlicking.


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