The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1256

At first glance, he did not recognize that man at all. He chuckled gently and said as he stepped forward, “Mr. Shepherd, did you meet with a VIP? Why don’t you introduce him to me?”
Felix’s expression darkened. Never did he expect that Theodore would be so thick skinned.
However, since he had spoken right after their conversation, it would be a bit unreasonable if he did not make the introduction, leaving a bad impression on Alex. Hence, he introduced, “Then, you should prick up your ears and listen properly. This is Mrs. Rockefeller, who founded Rockefeller Group on her own. Without Mrs. Rockefeller, the current Rockefeller Group wouldn’t exist. And this is the true heir of Rockefeller Group, Young Master Rockefeller. Why don’t you greet Mrs. Rockefeller and Young Master Rockefeller?”
However, to his surprise, Theodore laughed heartily after hearing what he said. “Damn, I thought he was some kind of VIP. It turns out to be the useless son-in-law expelled from the Rockefeller family. I heard that he drank his mother-in-law’s feet bathing water every day after being married into the Ass*x family. In the end, he was even chased out of the house. Felix Shepherd, you’ve really regressed. You are actually trying to kneel and bootlick this fellow. Are you out of your mind?”
Felix was furious. “Nonsense! Theodore MacGregor, how dare you be rude to Young Master Rockefeller?”
Theodore laughed out loud. “There are idiots every year, but there are many of them, especially this year. Felix Shepherd, do you believe if I can make the mother-and-son pair unable to cross the entrance of the exhibition hall at all?”
After he finished speaking, he immediately called a few security guards over.
Obviously, his impression of Alex and the others was the same from a few months ago. He still had insufficient knowledge of them.
On the other hand, Rockefeller Group’s security guards were indeed specifically instructed by Paige Rockefeller so that anyone related to Lush Cosmetics or Alex and the others were not allowed to enter the building. Therefore, the security guard immediately blocked Alex and the others and said sternly, “We don’t welcome you people here. Can you please leave?”
After taking a glance at Theodore, Alex said to the security guard, “I’ll give you a mission. Inform all the guests inside that the auction will be canceled, and have them return to the places where they came from! Also, go find Paige Rockefeller for me and tell her that Alex Rockefeller wants to see her.”
The security guard was startled upon hearing it.
Meanwhile, Theodore could not help laughing. “Alex Rockefeller, is it? You can’ t be living in the dream and still think you’re the young heir of Rockefeller Group, right? You’re just a homeless, wretched dog from the Rockefeller family. You people are the ones who should return to the place where you came from!”
Theodore’s female partner and Felix’s girlfriend showed disdain and disgust as if Alex were a miserable creature unwilling to admit failure.
However, at this moment, an old man and a few young men walked toward them. That old man was the patriarch of the Yowell family, Keith Yowell.
Seeing Alex and Mrs. Rockefeller, he hurriedly greeted, “Mr. Rockefeller, Mrs. Rockefeller, you both are here too!”
Theodore was shocked when he took a closer look at the old man.
‘Damn, isn’t this the patriarch of the Yowell family? Why would he show so much respect for this trashy Alex Rockefeller and even call him ‘Mr. Rockefeller’? Is he insane?’
However, another group of people came after that.
The group of people also walked over and stood next to Alex respectfully before uttering, “Mr. Rockefeller!”
It was because the few people were from the top family in California, the Summers family!
At this moment, his eyelids trembled. He actually saw Azure Storm from Thousand Miles Conglomerate.
He walked in with dozens of men in black outfits from outside the building.
‘What are they going to do with such a big fuss?’ Theodore’s heart even trembled.
However, he saw Azure bowing to Alex respectfully. “Mr. Rockefeller, Azure Storm from Thousand Miles Conglomerate has brought fifty guards here, waiting for your instructions!”
Theodore’s back slammed against the main entrance as his face turned pale.


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