The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2164

Chapter 2164 Cameron leaned against the window and gasped. Her back was filled with beads of cold sweat, and she felt cold as the morning breeze blew past her. ‘Why would I have that kind of dream? Most importantly, of all the men, why is the groom Wayne? And we also had…’ She placed her hand on her forehead and just hoped she would lose her memory right now. 

‘How am I supposed to face Wayne now?‘ 

Cameron did not come downstairs to have her breakfast. She wanted to wait for them to finish their breakfast first. When it was about 9:30 a.m., she surmised they were already gone, so she went downstairs. 

However, little did she expect that she would run into Waylon and Sunny as soon as she came to the living room, and she was stunned. As soon as her gaze met Waylon‘s eyes, the dream she had last night appeared in her head. She took a deep breath, turned around, and went back to her room again. “Cam, where are you going?” asked Sunny. Cameron stopped in her tracks and chided her father inwardly. Bracing herself, she turned around and said, “I‘m tired, so I‘m going back to sleep.” “Do you not know what happened? How can you sleep now?” She was stunned. “What happened?” 

Sunny frowned. “It seems like Donald has been colluding with the Skull Club the whole time. After Buchanon‘s death, all the resources and manpower Fabio had accumulated fell into Donald‘s hands. Fabio‘s hands are tied now, and there is nothing he can do to Donald.” 

Cameron was dumbfounded, and she only came around to her senses after a long while. 

She knew it. Her father hadn‘t changed at all. He still needed her help. ‘Hmph! Everything that happened in the dream is fake!‘ With that thought in mind, she came downstairs and said, “So, Fabio has gotten himself cornered after getting rid of Buchanan?” 

Standing with his hand behind his back, Sunny lowered his eyes and said, “Killing Buchanon was similar to chopping off his own arms. Buchanon had long wanted to rebel against Fabio, and Donald took advantage of it. Now that Buchanon is dead, Donald used Buchanon‘s death to reach an agreement with the Skull Club. Well, I have to admit that this is a good move.” 

According to their original plan that they drew up at Yuzu Villa that day, Nollace should be the bait to lure Buchanon out and get rid of him. After Buchanon was dead, Gail would replace him to take over the Parkin Chamber of Commerce. After that, Saydie would replace Gail. She was on their side, and if she could take over the Parkin Chamber of Commerce, it would be equivalent to helping them to cut off Fabio‘s source of money. 

However, they did not expect that Donald would take advantage of Buchanon’s death and turn the whole situation in his favor. 

Perhaps he approached Buchanon because he knew that Buchanon had the intention of rebelling against Fabio to protect himself. 

After Buchanon was dead, it went without saying that Donald would make use of his death to persuade those people to join them as it was the only way if they did not want to die. Besides, he had been colluding with the Skull Club for a long time. 

Fabio did not know exactly how many people were going to betray him. The situation was not in his favor, and he was probably very anxious now. 

Cameron crossed her arms in front of her chest and said, “Isn’t that good for us? We should let them fight. If Fabio loses, we’ll seize the chance and rope him in.” 

Sunny was stunned. “Rope Fabio in?” 

Cameron waved her hand and walked to the side as she continued. “If Fabio can’t win this fight and choose to work with Donald, it won’t be good for us. Even if they’re going to fight each other to death, we won’t have to wait until the fight is concluded. We can just step in whenever we want.” 

She turned around to look at them and squinted. “We can’t let Fabio win. We’ll help him when he’s about to lose. He hates Donald more than us because he’s the one who stabbed him in the back. After we help him get rid of Donald, then we’ll settle our score with him. Do you think he can still put in the effort to fight against us at that time?” 

Sunny let out a laugh after he understood what she was going to do. “As expected of my son. It’s a brilliant plan.” 


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