The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1257

Theodore looked terrified, and his entire body trembled as he sat on the ground. He could not believe his eyes at all. He felt that his outlook on life was severely challenged.
Why would an abandoned son expelled from the house have such power and fame?
Meanwhile, his female partner had the same pale face. The expression of disdain and mockery earlier was no longer seen. Instead, it was replaced by an extremely shocked expression.
“Why are you here, too?” Alex strangely looked at Azure.
“Waltz gave me a call. She asked me to come over and take a look if there’s anyone who dares to refuse to listen to Mr. Rockefeller’s instructions,” Azure said respectfully. Then, he pointed at Theodore, who was lying on the ground. “What’s wrong with this guy?”
Felix immediately said, “He’s the young heir of Dream City in California. He’s here to acquire Rockefeller Group! Oh right, just now, he even said that the current MacGregor family has long surpassed the four great families in California.”
“They have surpassed the four great families?”
A young man who came along with Keith Yowell sneered and said, “Our Yowell family ranks last among the four families. According to you, your MacGregor has already surpassed us?”
Theodore had just casually bragged earlier. Never did he expect that he would meet the people from the four great families.
“I… Didn’t! He’s trying to slander me!” Theodore denied loudly.
“Hmph, what a quibbler!” Maya said. Then, the disciple from the Yowell family suddenly slapped Theodore’s face, knocking out two of his teeth.
“You aren’t going to admit the truth yet? Do you really think that you’re still living in the dream?”
“Get lost!”
The young man from the Yowell family kicked Theodore in the stomach, causing him to roll over the floor. To him, the sound of Theodore rolling on the floor was like a pleasantly appealing sound that he yearned for so badly.
Until this moment, he could tell that Alex was not an existence whom he could afford to offend at all. The auction of Rockefeller Group tonight might end up in a disaster. He would have been luckier had he stayed away from there earlier.
As a result, Brittany said, “Wait a minute, my son can’t be humiliated by anyone. Since you’ve humiliated my son, shouldn’t you leave something behind?”
Theodore was shocked. “Madame, I…”
Azure immediately let out a roar. “Guards! Chop off this mongrel’s legs and throw him out! Starting from this moment, whoever dares to come in and join the auction casually, I’ll break his leg!”
“Yes, sir!”
Two guards in black outfits immediately left their formation. One of them held Theodore, and the other took out a shiny, cold blade from his waist.
Theodore trembled with fear after seeing it. All of a sudden, he jumped around violently as he had severe sphincter dyssynergia. “No. No, Bro Azure. Bro Azure, I was wrong. No… AIL…”
Poof! Poof!
After raising the hand, the blade fell.
Two bloody splashes spurted.
Theodore’s legs were cut in the middle position of the thigh. Once the limbs were cut off, they were separated from the body. Two bloody broken legs fell to the floor. It was a bloody yet cruel sight.
“Gosh!” The female partner brought by Theodore was so terrified that she started vomiting right away.
During the entire incident, Alex did not say a word, and he was as calm as still water. He had stopped feeling any turbulence in his heart ages ago when witnessing such a scene.
On the other hand, the few security guards from Rockefeller Group trembled like chaffs in a sieve as they did not know what to do.
“My legs, my legs…”
Theodore yelled in extreme grief. His voice instantly startled everyone in the exhibition hall.
It also alarmed the organizer of the auction, Paige Rockefeller!
Paige’s capability was worse than Noah Rockefeller’s. Her role in Rockefeller Group was equivalent to a vermin’s. All she did was make money from Rockefeller Group, but she had never made any contribution. In other words, all she created were complete side effects building obstacles for the employees under her.
Many employees with decent abilities resigned from the company because of her.
Based on her ability, the critical point was that even if she wanted to rake a profit, it would not be easy for her to do so.
However, this time was different.
Carol Rockefeller had found her and got her to sell Rockefeller Group as soon as possible. She even gave her an authorization letter.


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