The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2165

Chapter 2165 

Waylon turned his head around to look at him. “It indeed is a good plan. Fabio has underestimated Donald, so it makes him want to get rid of Donald even more after getting him cornered. The only way to force Fabio to make a move on him is for him to realize that Donald is a threat to his position on the islands.” 

Sunny fell silent for a while and said, “In other words, we need to create a situation and force Fabio to get rid of him?” 

Waylon nodded. “First, we need to remove all the moles in the Southern Clan’s territory. When Donald realizes that his moles have been removed, he’ll feel threatened. He needs to watch out for us from the back, and he has to face Fabio at the front. To protect himself, who do you think he’ll attack?” 

He would attack whoever was nearer to him. 

Other than some moles, there was no one else in the Southern Clan’s territory that he could get to shift to his side. Besides, those moles were no match to the Southern Clan at all. 

However, Fabio was different. Donald had the Skull Club and Buchanon’s men on his side, so the superiority of the situation would be on his side if he were to attack Fabio. 

Sunny chuckled and looked at them. “Well, I’ll leave this matter in your hands.‘ 

Cameron was stunned. “Us?” 

She looked at Waylon, and Waylon looked at her as well. 

Sunny thought she did not hear what he said, so he repeated, “Yeah. Both of you are going to work on this together.” 

Cameron said, “That isn’t necessary. I can take care of this myself.” 

Sunny snorted lightly and ignored her. “Your plan is good, but Wayne’s comments are spot on and make your plan even more perfect. None of them are going to fight against each other if they don’t feel threatened enough. Besides, did you know about the moles that Donald put in our place? No, right? But Wayne knows about it. You’re only someone who knows how to use violence and nothing else.” 

Cameron was rendered speechless. 

Sunny nodded. “You need to use your brain sometimes too.” 

Cameron pointed at herself and asked, her voice filled with shock, “Are you saying that I’m stupid?” 

“It isn’t a bad thing to realize your stupidity. This is a good chance. Make sure you learn everything you can from Wayne.” 

Sunny went upstairs after he finished his sentence, leaving Cameron to stand frozen stiff in the living room. 

She was caught between tears and laughter. He was the one who said her plan was brilliant, and now he said she was stupid. 

Meanwhile, at The Commune… 

In the office, Jake reported all the information he received to Nollace. 

Nollace placed his hand on his forehead and fell into thought. No one could tell if he was angry or happy right now. After a long while, he parted his thin lips and said, “Fabio isn‘t someone who‘ll just wait and die.” 

Jake looked at him and continued. “Right now, Donald is protected by the people from Skull Club, so there is nothing Fabio can do to him. However, from what I know about Fabio, he must be planning to get rid of Donald.” 

Nollace sat up straight and asked, “Who do you think has the better chance of winning in this fight?” 

“Fabio,” Jake replied without any hesitation. “Even though Donald is working with the Skull Club, it isn‘t that easy for them to acquire all of Fabio‘s power in the East Islands.” 

Nollace chuckled and said, “What if another party joins?” 

Jake was stunned. 

Nollace tapped his finger on the desk and lifted his eyelids. “For example, the Metropolis. Gail is from the Metropolis. If she brings down the Parkin Chamber of Commerce and cuts off Fabio‘s source of income, Fabio will be in big trouble. After all, not only has he to deal with her, but he also has to face Donald‘s attack. So wouldn‘t Fabio‘s chance of winning be small?” Jake thought for a while and asked, “But won‘t it give Donald a chance if Fabio loses?” “Not really.” Nollace rose to his feet and walked around the desk. He stopped in front of the window and said, “We need to get rid of both Donald and Fabio, but under the situation where we can‘t get rid of them together, we need to bring down one of them first. Donald will never work with the Southern Clan, so if he loses, he‘ll certainly do everything he can to persuade Fabio to work with him and destroy the Southern Clan.” 


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