The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1258

It was difficult for her to understand how Carol Rockefeller acquired the authorization letter for the shareholders’ consent. Anyway, other than Noah Rockefeller’s signature on it, there was also the signature of another major shareholder, John Rockefeller… Carol told her that she only needed fifty billion dollars. Paige Rockefeller could have the extra amounts for herself.
Hence, Paige had set up such an auction. To her, it was exactly what she needed. If she were to manage the company, Rockefeller Group would have to file for bankruptcy within half a year.
If the auction turned out to be successful, she was confident that her assets would be no less than Carol’s.
“What’s going on?
“Who dares to make a ruckus at Rockefeller Group? The person must be very bold! Security guards! Where are the security guards?!”
Paige was dressed beautifully as she was surrounded by the companion of many rich men and female partners.
Suddenly, a silhouette flashed past her.
Someone slapped Paige’s face that was covered with cosmetic foundation, hard.
The person slapping her was none other than Brittany Rockefeller.
It was a very hard slap. Paige’s face could not withstand the impact at all. Her nose immediately bled, and half of her face became swollen.
If it weren’t for someone behind to support her, she would have stumbled and fallen to the ground.
“Brittany… Brittany Rockefeller, it’s you?! You… What are you doing here?”
Paige stuttered as her face hurt so much that she could not speak properly.
Brittany said, “I heard that you’re going to auction Rockefeller Group, so I came to take a look. What about it? Did you give the order not to let us in? What’s the meaning of this? Are you looking down at us? Do you feel that we’re inferior to others?”
Paige’s expression changed abruptly, showing instinctive fear.
However, she thought about getting a huge sum of money soon, so she forcibly endured the panic feeling in her heart and said, “Brittany Rockefeller, this is our normal business operation. Before this, you publicly declared in front of my father’s funeral parlor that Rockefeller Group was considered the alimony given by the Rockefeller family to raise William Rockefeller. Other than normal business means, you wouldn’t resort to dirty tricks! Are you going to go back on your words now?”
Maya said, “We came here to join the auction according to the business rules. And, you forbid us to enter the auction?”
Paige really wanted to reject them because she had predicted that nothing good would happen. However, after glancing at the people standing behind them, she really dared not utter such words.
Brittany, Alex, and Maya walked into the auction venue with a group of guards in the end.
It was eight o’clock sharp!
The auction started!
Just as the host on the stage was about to give a speech, Azure took twenty guards in black outfits up the stage right away.
When the host was still in a daze, Azure grabbed the microphone in his hand with an evil look. Then, he kicked him off the stage.
At that instant, there was a commotion at the scene.
Maya tugged at Alex’s hand and whispered, “Bro, what did you ask him to do?”
Alex subconsciously rubbed her slender fingers. He shook his head and said, “I didn’t ask him to do anything. It’s his intention. But this guy has always been sassy. He might make an unexpected move.”
As expected, Azure ignored the commotion of the people below the stage and said with a smile, “Rockefeller Group is going to be wrapped up and auctioned. That guy just now is not qualified to be the host, so I’ll host it! Let me introduce myself. I’m Azure Storm. Many people present may know me. Lord Lex from Thousand Miles Conglomerate is my godfather!”
As soon as he said that, some people who did not know Azure immediately gasped out of astonishment.
That was the king of California’s underworld!
Well, in fact, the king did not have the slightest value in front of many martial experts. However, this title would make any ordinary citizen utterly stunned.
“Let me count the numbers. How many people here are genuinely prepared to acquire Rockefeller Group?”
“Raise your hand!”
“If you don’t raise your hand, that means you’re going to abstain from bidding!”


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