The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2166

Chapter 2166 

“But if Fabio loses, the nature of this rivalry will change and become completely different. He can only choose to cooperate with the Southern Clan for the sake of status and power, and everything will have to move even more urgently. And when Donald gets removed from the equation, Fabio will lose all opportunity to make a move on the Southern Clan. On the contrary, the Southern Clan can deal with him very easily.” 

Jake came to a sudden realization. “I see.” 

After a while, Jake left the office, and Daisie came out from behind the wall of the corridor. It was obvious that she had heard everything. 

Daisie pushed open the door of the office, only to see Nollace leaning back on the chair with his eyes closed and rubbing his temples with his fingers as if his headache was killing him. 

She pursed her lips and crept around to get behind him. Just as she was about to reach out to him, Nollace grabbed her slender wrist and pulled her into his arms. “Are you planning to scare me again?” 

She choked on her own words. “That’s not my plan.” 

A hint of hilarity spread outward in her clear eyes. “I was planning to give you a massage on your shoulders.” 

Nollace pressed his moist lips against her cheeks and embraced her in his arms. “It’s been a few days since you came out. It’s time for you to go back to the Southern residence.” 

Daisie lowered her gaze. “You still think that I’m burdensome.” 

He was stunned for a split second as his eyes were fixed on her face, and he chuckled hoarsely. “Why would I think so?” 

She snorted. “You’re driving me back to the Southerns. How is that not you thinking that I’m troublesome?” 

Nollace held her in his arms, rested his chin on top of her head, and explained softly, “I’m afraid that you’ll be put in danger’s way.” 

Daisie sat on his thigh and wrapped her arms around his neck. “When there’s danger, don’t just think about protecting me. You have to fend for yourself too. You’re in more danger than I am.” 

He paused for a bit, then laughed out loud and fiddled with the ends of her hair with his fingers. “It’s almost impossible for me not to think of you when sh*t gets real.” 

She lowered her gaze. “Don’t worry. I won’t burden you when all hell breaks loose.” 

Nollace held her cheeks in his palms and kissed her forehead. “It doesn’t matter if you trouble me more. I just want you to protect yourself and don’t get yourself hurt.” 

Daisie did not utter a single word. 

On the other side of the town, the members of the Southern Clan were secretly getting ready. 

Mahina brought Waylon and Cameron to the basement. The man in the basement who had been badly tortured was the man Nollace had assaulted in Yuzu Villa. 

Mahina opened the door, and the man was sitting in the corner. The East Islands‘ weather had been warm and humid recently, and he had not showered for several days, so there was an unpleasant stench when they approached him. 

His white shirt was stained with blood and sweat and looked very dirty and mottled. 

Cameron covered her mouth and nose and gave off an undisguised disgusted expression. “You stink like a piece of sh*t, and you’re still planning to keep everything to yourself?” 

The man opened his eyes with difficulty, and a weak voice escaped his dry and cracked lips. ” Please… Let… Let me go.” 

Cameron took a glance at him. “As long as you start giving me names, letting you go is the easiest thing we can do to you.” 

The man’s eyelids twitched. 

After naming all his accomplices, Mahina got two bodyguards to come in and take the man out, and the two then left the basement with the escort. 

Walking to the parked car, Cameron suddenly looked at Waylon. “You had already caught this man long ago?” 

‘It’s no wonder my dad asked him to stay with me.‘ 

He opened the door. “Of course.” 

After Waylon got into the rear seat, Cameron suddenly walked toward the front passenger seat. And when Mahina saw her getting into the front passenger seat, she was stunned. “ You’ve never sat in the front passenger seat whenever I’m the one driving.‘ 

Cameron fastened her seat belt. “Can’t there be an exception? Now drive.” 

Mahina felt that she was deliberately avoiding Waylon. 

‘Could it be because of what happened in the car the other day?‘ 

The car was driving on the road, and Cameron stared out the window. She did not know why she would avoid Waylon on purpose.


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