The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2167

Chapter 2167 What happened the other day seemed to have overshadowed Minzy. Damian learned about the incident from her and was astounded, “Are you saying that the two of them actually kissed!?” 

“Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.” Minzy was downcast. 

‘I‘ve finally found someone who caught my attention, but who knew that he‘d be in such a relationship?‘ 

Damian pondered for a bit. 

‘Those rumors don‘t seem to be groundless. And he‘s Sunny‘s only heir. Sunny would be devastated if he were to know about this.‘ 

After a long time, he said earnestly, “Forget it. I didn‘t see that side in Cameron either, so I‘m to blame too. As for you, please hide this for them for now. Don‘t let Sunny know about this first.” 

‘I can‘t afford to let my best friend know about this and get him killed.‘ 

Minzy bit her lip and said nothing. 

She left the private room, feeling a little unreconciled. ‘I clearly know that Cameron isn‘t my cup of tea. I came here only to find myself a suitable man, and Uncle Damian kept on telling me just how excellent the young master of the Southern Clan was. That‘s why I originally had high hopes for him. After all, I‘ve heard a lot of great things about him. 

‘However, after meeting Wayne Goldmann, that man is the very first in this world who‘s given me the feeling of love at first sight. 

‘Cameron and Wayne aren‘t on the same level. Cameron does look handsome, but he gives off a rather feminine vibe. He looks amazing when compared to those men that I‘ve gotten to know so far, but when he‘s standing right next to Wayne, his lack of masculinity and the mature charm of a man are clearly exposed. 

‘The two of them won‘t get along at all.‘ She thought of something and clenched her hands tightly. “I‘m afraid that I can‘t do as you told me to, Uncle Damian…” 

She left Yuzu Villa and took a cab to the Southern residence. 

Sunny learned that Minzy had come to pay him a visit, so he asked the butler to welcome her in. He then walked downstairs, and Minzy got up from the couch and nodded. “Mr. Southern Sr.” 

Sunny waved his hand and smiled. “Take a seat. There‘s no need for such formalities.” He walked to the couch, sat down, and asked the butler to make some tea. When the butler turned around and entered the kitchen, he asked with a smile, “To what do I owe the pleasure, Ms. Holland?” 

Minzy looked at him eagerly. “Actually, I have something to tell you, Mr. Southern Sr.” 

The butler brought the brewed tea to the table and poured it for them. Sunny picked up the teacup and wondered. “What is it that you wish to tell me?” She replied, “I want to talk to you about the relationship between Mr. Southern and Mr. Goldmann.” Sunny was about to take a sip of tea, but he was stunned for a split second when he heard this. “Has something happened between the two of them?” Minzy bluntly explained what happened in the private room the other day. Not to mention Sunny, even the butler was shocked, and he almost dropped the tray in his hands. Seeing that they were all astonished, Minzy was somewhat relieved. At least they really did not know about their relationship, and perhaps they would stop them from getting together. “Mr. Southern is the heir of the Southerns and the Southern Clan. He‘s also your only son. If this is the case, then you should really be worried about this matter, Mr. Southern Sr. 

“I know I shouldn‘t have intervened in this matter, but I don‘t want to hide it from you. If this news were to be spread and known by the public, it‘d definitely become the joke of the century. That‘s why I‘ve decided to tell you this after a prolonged consideration.” As soon as she said that, Sunny slammed the table angrily. “Is what you just said real?” The butler was shocked. ‘Logically speaking, Mr. Southern shouldn‘t get exasperated over this matter.‘ Minzy did not expect him to get so angry and breathed a sigh of relief. “I‘m guessing this is something you don‘t want to happen. In my opinion, Mr. Southern should be a filial and obedient son, so if you stop him now, I think things will still be salvageable.” “I see.” Sunny put down the teacup with a meaningful expression. “Thank you, Ms. Holland, for telling me. I will investigate this matter.” After getting everything out, Minzy did not wait any longer. She got up and left the residence immediately. The butler sent her out and looked back at Sunny. “Mr. Southern, is this… Is it true?” 


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