The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1259

The crowd hesitated for a while. Soon, someone raised his hand.
Immediately afterward, the second person, the third person…
There were more than a dozen raised hands.
At this moment, Azure slightly smiled and snapped his fingers.
In the next second, forty martial artists in black outfits scattered and rushed toward those people who raised their hands.
Crack! Crack! Crack!…
The scene ended up in the wailing of people as a series of bone fracture sound was heard.
“Ah, my hand! My hand!”
“Why did you break my hand? You guys… You guys are too tyrannical. You guys just intentionally injured people. I’m going to sue you guys. I’ll make you guys rot in prison.”
The one who spoke those words was a vice director of a certain second rate family in California. Earlier, he was the first person who raised his hand. As a result, his right arm was broken by Azure’s subordinate at once.
The martial artist who broke his hand probably had terrible skills. He was too rough when he broke his hand, causing his broken bone to protrude through the skin. It was so painful that he started questioning his life.
As a result, the martial artist was upset after hearing his clamor. He broke off his other hand right away.
Among the people, some tried to resist as well. For instance, some rich men brought along their bodyguards when they came over, and several martial artists accompanied some. However, once they made their moves, the ones who intercepted their attacks by blood suppression were martial artists from the Yowell family, led by Keith Yowell. Those who were lightly injured had their energy cores shattered, whereas those who were heavily injured had their limbs broken.
Less than a half minute, all the raised hands were snapped broken.
On the high stage inside the exhibition hall, Paige could feel goosebumps all over her body after seeing everything that had happened all of a sudden. Now, she finally understood one thing, Alex and Brittany did not come to Rockefeller Group to make a ruckus before this, not because they were afraid of stirring trouble, but they felt truly pointless to do so.
When they were upset or when they were willing to spare time to harass someone, they would destroy all the rules after making their moves. The way of thinking of ordinary people could not be applied to these people at all.
She thought four words a strike of lightning!
At this moment, the people who joined the auction and wanted to pick up the bargain and those from the wealthy families, who wanted to make a profit from Rockefeller Group, extremely regretted it. It was too late for everyone to feel regrets.
They looked at that handsome, casual king of the underground society who had an evil smile on the stage with extreme fear. Previously, when they heard Azure’s name, they only felt his strength, chicness, and admiration for him. But now, they just experienced first hand fear, coming from the shock in the depth of their souls… It turned out that those legends were true.
Azure closed his eyes and tilted his head. Even his body was still gently swaying around as if he was listening to a concert and the sound of fractured bones and the wailing of the crowd were the musical notes in a large scale concert.
Until those wailing sounds slowly quieted down by the death threats from Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s martial artists, only then did Azure open his eyes and look at the crowd below the stage with a strange smile. “Oh my, it turns out that none of you guys are here to acquire Rockefeller Group. It looks like you’re here to join in the fun!”
Azure’s words made many people below the stage nearly vomit mouthfuls of blood right away.
‘You’re too shameless!’
‘You’re the king of California’s underground society. How could you be so shameless?’
‘Obviously, you were the one who got our hands broken. Now, you are actually pretending to see nothing. Do you really think that we’re dumb and blind?’
However, Azure asked again after that, “I’ll ask for the last time. Is anyone joining the auction for the acquisition? Those who want the acquisition, kindly raise your hands so that I can see you guys.”
No one raised his hand.
‘Damn you. Once we raise our hands, your people will rush over and break our hands. Whoever raises his hand is an idiot!’
Azure then pointed in a certain direction. “There is! It’s this beautiful lady. I see you. You’re only the one here who raises your hand!”
The crowd looked in the direction Azure was pointing at.


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