The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2168

Chapter 2168 Sunny‘s originally dimmed expression lit up instantly. All the wrath that was surrounding him disappeared immediately, and he was on the verge of bursting into laughter. “She‘s come all the way to tell us the news. How can this matter be fake?” 

‘I‘ve won my gamble with that little girl, Daisie.‘ 

Seeing that he was not surprised at all but was smiling instead, the butler was confused. “Mr. Southern, shouldn‘t you be…” 

He laughed out loud. “Cam has grown up too. Isn‘t it normal for her to fall in love?” 

The butler could not believe what he heard. “But with the eldest son of the Goldmanns?” 

Sunny whiffed the aroma of the tea and sounded very satisfied. “That kid is the only person who can catch my eye.” 

Thanks to Minzy, this is quite a pleasant surprise. ‘But I know what that girl is thinking. She told me about this only because she wants me to step forward and break up Cameron and Wayne so that she can get her hands on Wayne. 

However, why would I give up such a good son–in–law to the Hollands? This son–in–law is appointed by me personally, and if there‘s anyone who wants to snatch him away from the Southerns, they‘ll have to go through me.‘ 

Donald stood in front of the fish tank, sprinkled some feed into the tank, and watched as the fish rushed to the surface to fight for food. His eyes gradually turned gloomy. Chunky walked in with a man from outside and pushed the man down to Donald‘s feet. 

The man shivered and dared not look up. 

Donald placed the feed bag aside. “Mr. Daskalov, I‘ve saved your life. You should thank me for that.” 

Andrei looked at him in horror. “What do you want me to do?” He was not stupid. There was no reason for Donald to save him from Fabio‘s men. 

Donald looked at the person on the ground. “Don‘t you want to know who‘s the person who pretended to be my subordinate, exposed you, and almost caused you to die at the hands of Mr. Puzo?” 

Andrei was astounded. “You actually know who she is?” Chunky placed the surveillance footage of the woman that they obtained from the casino right next to Cameron‘s photo and turned the laptop to Andrei. The facial features of the two looked exactly the same. Seeing this comparison, Andrei was dumbfounded. “How is it possible? Isn‘t Cameron a man!” 

Donald walked to the couch and sat down with a pregnant smirk. “I‘m curious too. How did Mr. Southern Sr. keep her from being discovered for more than 20 years? The famous Cameron of the East Islands is actually a woman. This is probably the secret that Mr. Southern Sr. has always wanted to hide from the public too.” Andrei took a deep breath. ‘No wonder that woman wasn‘t afraid of Mr. Puzo. It turns out that she‘s Cameron.‘ 

“But why are you telling me this?” “What will you do now that you know about her identity? Are you willing to let this woman go after she almost got you killed?” 

Andrei angered Fabio because of her, and now he had been bewitched by Donald, so why would he let Cameron go? 

Two days later… 

According to the clues and information that they had, the members of the Southern Clan quietly got rid of the moles that Donald had placed on the Southern Clan territory. 

And Fabio was so busy focusing all his energy on dealing with Donald that he did not even have the time and energy to manage the Parkin Chamber of Commerce at all. That was how Gail took over the chamber of commerce naturally. She walked into the office, which Buchanon originally owned, but after Buchanon‘s death, all his belongings had been cleaned out of the room. 

At that moment, her cell phone rang. She picked up the call, and the other party said something to her. She then replied calmly,“ You guys stay off the island first. Don‘t act rashly for the time being, and wait for my green light.” 

A dark silhouette passed by the door, and when he heard the conversation from inside the office, he left in a hurry. Saydie noticed something, hung up the phone, and walked toward the door, but the corridor was empty. 

The man got into the car hurriedly and drove away from the Parkin Chamber of Commerce. 

But he did not realize that Saydie stood behind the window and watched as the car disappeared from her sight. 


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